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Classification & Compensation

The Classification and Compensation team administers the College’s compensation program. Among other duties, team activities include:

  • Ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as College policies and procedures governing classification and compensation
  • Ensuring that the College’s compensation program is guided by and supports the compensation philosophy and the College’s mission and goals
  • Evaluating duties and responsibilities of individual positions and occupational classes to ensure that positions are correctly assigned to an appropriate grade level within the organization
  • Conducting market salary surveys and analyses to ensure that College pay levels are competitive with the external job market
  • Conducting studies of positions and job classes in response to reorganization, reallocation of resources, major changes in work responsibilities or technology, or in response to unique or unanticipated circumstances

Employees are responsible for reviewing and updating the position description for their assigned position with their supervisor, preferably on an annual basis in conjunction with the performance review cycle. The supervisor may update the description for vacant positions. Changes in the work should be reflected in the position description document located in the Job Wizard. The position description forms the foundation for a number of human resource functions including recruitment or talent acquisition, performance management, and succession planning. 

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