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Business, Science, Mathematics, and Technology

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Accounting, Business Administration, Paralegal Studies, Management


The Accounting, Business, Management, and Legal Studies Department is committed to providing comprehensive career and transfer programs for our students through challenging academic, theoretical, and practical classroom experiences.  Our students participate in practical real world skill building, critical thinking activities, assignments, projects, research, and analytical exercises.  They are thoroughly prepared to meet the current needs of the accounting, business, and legal environment.  Our full time and adjunct faculties are experts in their field with many years of practical experience with exceptional teaching abilities. Using the classroom as a laboratory and utilizing state of the art technologies, students research, and analyze accounting, business, management, and legal issues which prepare them to be capable professionals within their disciplines.

The focus of our program is to give our students a variety of opportunities to explore their academic and career goals, and to develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet those goals.  In addition, our charter is to challenge our students to be ethical members of society, to embrace diversity, and to give service to the communities in which they live and work. 

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