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Working with the Creative Team
The Creative Team—Your Partner from Start to Finish

The creative team will work with you to tailor a product that meets your needs and promotes and advances Montgomery College’s reputation and image to its respective audiences.

From strategic planning to delivery, the creative team produces hundreds of projects annually. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Getting Started 
The Process 
Timelines from Start to Finish 
Production & Delivery 
Important Points to Remember 

Getting Started
  1. Fill out an online creative request form. The information you provide will give us a “snapshot” of your project—the nature of your job, size, quantities, colors, budget, distribution, timeline, etc.
  2. If you have any questions, contact the print production coordinator at 240-567-5259 or Jennifer Baugh, creative services director, at 240-567-7948.
  3. After that initial contact, a designer and/or a writer/project manager will be assigned to your project and this will be communicated to you.
  4. After you’ve submitted your request, a project manager will contact you to discuss your project. If necessary, a launch meeting with project manager and a designer will be arranged.
  5. After we understand your needs, we will develop a production schedule and specifications to determine the cost of production.

The Process

In general, you can anticipate three rounds of writing, editing, and design before your project is complete. You will sign off on writing, design, and final piece before it is produced. Time is of the essence: the sooner you sign off at each stage, the sooner your project will be completed.

Timelines from Start to Finish
  • Postcards: 3 weeks
  • Fliers/poster: 2–4 weeks
  • Brochures
    6–8 weeks with copy supplied by client
    8–10 weeks if copy is created by our writers
  • Folders
    6–8 weeks if copy is supplied by client
    8–10 weeks if copy is created by our writers
  • Advertisements: 2–4 weeks
  • Newsletters: 8–10 weeks
  • Major publications, such as viewbooks: minimum of 3 months

Production and Delivery

After receiving bids and approving design, we select a vendor, obtain a purchase order number, and send your job out to be produced.

Your completed product will be delivered or mailed (if a mailing list was provided). Deliveries go to the College’s Central Receiving, which is responsible for getting the product to you in a timely matter. Please call them at 240-567-5282. 

Important Points to Remember

One Point Person. If a committee is working on your project, please appoint one person to be in charge and indicate who that person is on the creative request form. This individual will check all copy before it is submitted to ensure accuracy, consistency, and comprehensiveness.

If a committee reviews layouts and pages, make sure that that all comments appear legibly on one master.

MS Word. If you are supplying copy, please submit your manuscript in MS Word only, and do not “pre-format,” such as using all caps, underlining, columns, etc. It takes an editor that much longer to prepare pre-formatted copy. Please proofread and fact check your copy carefully. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Montgomery College Style Guide to understand and use MC style.

Submit your document electronically or on a CD to your writer/project manager.

Photos. Please do not e-mail large photos, and do not download photos from the Web. Copy your photos to a CD and send them through campus mail to Tom Kneeland, print production coordinator. Please note that print publications require 300 dpi.

If you would like to arrange for original photography, fill out an online photography request form, or contact Sanjay Suchak at 240-567-7541. You can also view College photos online at

Mailing Lists. Remember to update your list before submitting it to Tom Kneeland, our print production coordinator. Excel is the preferred format for mailing lists. Please note that a delay in providing a mailing list will delay the distribution of your piece.

Copies, Signage, Promotional Items. When your department needs copies of handbooks, student manuals, etc, or if you have a project that you need in less than two weeks, contact MC Copies or FedEx Office (formerly FedEx/Kinko’s). They are good resources for this type of turnaround.

Signage and promotional items are ordered through Procurement. We can supply a logo or art, but we do not purchase these items.


If you have questions that have not been answered here, please contact Jennifer Baugh, creative services director, at 240-567-7948, or Tom Kneeland, print production coordinator, at 240-567-5259.

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