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Course Descriptions

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Semester Hours
Course Description
ALES 910
No credit
Standard American English Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers
The special pronunciation problems of the non-native speaker are analyzed and corrected through prescribed drills and exercises. Two hours lecture, two hours laboratory each week. For computation of tuition, this course is equivalent to three semester hours.
COMM 100
3 hours
Voice and Articulation for International Students
This course is designed to upgrade the speaking skills for non-native speakers who have a basic knowledge of English grammar, an adequate working vocabulary, and a grounding in the English system of consonants. The course emphasizes mastery of the vowel system, improvement of voice production, basic mastery of English stress and rhythm patterns. Students will learn to speak with improved clarity and smoothness as well as with variety of delivery. Lectures, laboratories, and extensive practice with individualized supervision are featured. PREREQUISITE: SP 098 or consent of department. Three hours lecture/discussion, one hour laboratory each week.
COMM 108
3 hours
Introduction to Human Communication

A survey course that develops communication skills in interpersonal settings. Course content includes listening skills, public speaking, and small group discussion. The course reinforces the basic theory of communication with practical exercises and oral presentations.
Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 110.
Three hours each week.

COMM 109
3 hours
Voice and Diction CE-TP
The skills of voice and diction studied through an analysis of the individual's voice quality, articulation, pronunciation, and enunciation. Drills and exercises stressed.
Assessment levels: RD 099.
Three hours lecture, two hours laboratory each week.
COMM 121
3 hours

Public Speaking

(Rockville only)

Practice of major types of public speaking, including speeches to inform, persuade, and demonstrate; and speeches for special occasions. Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 110.
Three hours each week.
COMM 112
3 hours
Business and Professional Speech Communication

A study of communication theory as applied to business, industrial, and organizational environments. Emphasis on development of effective speech and listening communication skills for professional situations.
Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 110.
Three hours each week.

COMM 204
3 hours

Interpersonal Communication

(Rockville only)

Designed to increase understanding of personal communication behaviors, establish potential for improved communication capabilities, develop an effective sense of self in human encounters, and strengthen personal identity and social involvement through personal communication. PREREQUISITE: SP 108 or consent of department.
Three hours each week.
COMM 220  3 hours  Small Group Communication  An introduction to the principles and stages of small group communication, including problem solving, decision making, leadership, norms, member roles, and conflict resolution. Students will work extensively in groups to test theories, practice skills, and gain competency. Assessment levels: ENGL 101/101A, READ 120. Three hours each week. Formerly SP 205. 
COMM 250
3 hours
Introduction to Communication
Inquiry & Theory
An introduction to the field of communication. Definitions, models, and contexts of communication are examined. Students are introduced to the research process in the field of communication and learn how the process relates to the development of communication theory. Assessment levels: ENGL 101/101A, READ 120. Three hours each week. Formerly SP 250.

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