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Faculty Biographies

Professor and Coordinator, Dr. Nader Chaaban
Office: 240-567-7508 | email:

SP108 Introduction to Human Communication
SP108:  Introduction to Human Communication (Blended Course)
SP112:  Business and Professional Communication
SP204:  Interpersonal Communication
BS, George Mason University
MA, George Mason University
PhD, Howard University

Experience: At George Mason University, Nader Chaaban has taught a number of courses in mass communications and telecommunications with a special focus on regulations and policy, and communications research on national and international levels. He has published four books (Instructor’s Resources Manual for Verderbers’ Communicate! 10th edition, Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank for Essentials of Human Communication, 7th edition,  Instructor’s Manual for Tubbs’ A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction, 11th edition, and From Lebanon to Africa and America:  My Roots)  a number of articles in communication journals, and most recently, his article on methods for teaching students with disabilities has recently appeared in The Catalyst. Dr. Chaaban is particularly interested in working with international students to help them adjust to the American system of education.

Associate Professor Roxanne Davidson
Office: 240-567-7505 | email:

SP102: American English Speaking and Listening
SP108:  Introduction to Human Communication
SP108HM: Introduction to Human Communication
Honors Module
SP111: Public Speaking
BA, Baldwin-Wallace College
MA, University of Pittsburgh
Experience: Professor Roxanne Davidson has been a full-time faculty member for 16 years. Her previous experience teaching in corporate settings gave her a broad perspective on the essentials of good communication skills in the workplace. Currently, she oversees the program in teaching pronunciation skills to non-native speakers. She is a past president of the Maryland Communication Association, and was a member of the executive committee of that organization for four years. She has taught at Prince George's Community College, the University of the District of Columbia, and the University of Pittsburgh. She has also served as a trainer of communication skills in various corporate settings. She has received Montgomery College’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award and is a two time recipient of The NISOD Excellence Award for Outstanding Teaching and Learning. She has served as a co-director of the Beacon Conference and as vice-chair of the College’s Academic Assembly.

Dr. Benjamin Farrell
Office: 240-567-7504 | email:

SP 108: Introduction to Human Communication Studies
SP 112: Business and Professional Communication
BA, University of the Virgin Islands
MA, Howard University
PhD, Howard University
Experience: Osmond Farrell comes to the department as a full time faculty member after having taught as an adjunct professor at both the Takoma and Rockville Campuses since Fall, 2001. Professor Farrell has taught at a number of institutes of higher learning including Howard University and Morgan State University since 1994. He has taught Human Communication courses at the undergraduate level and Mass Media courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include: “Interpersonal Communication and the Agenda Setting Process,” “Dialect, Accent and Perception,” and “The Impact of Technology in Classrooms.” He has had several publications in the areas of his research interests.

Assistant Professor Rose Piskapas
Office: 240-567-7503 | email:

SP102: American English Speaking and Listening
SP108: Introduction to Human Communication
SP109: Voice and Diction
SP109: Voice and Diction Lab
SP250: Introduction to Communication Inquiry and Theory
BA, University of Maryland
MA, University of Maryland
Experience: With an avid interest in intercultural communication and international communication, Rose Piskapas has taught at Prince George's Community College, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland. In addition to her expertise in speech communication, she has also taught English as a Second Language. For several years, Rose worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, which deals with economic aid programs in Latin America. Currently, she provides training courses to international students through the Red Cross. Rose speaks Spanish and Greek fluently, and she supports the arts as a parent in the arts programs at Blake High School(Montgomery College, MD).

Dr. Anestine Theophile-LaFond
Office: 240-567- 5262 | email: 

SP 108: Introduction to Human Communication
BA: Radio/Television - Franciscan University
MA: Communication (media Management concentration) – Barry University
Masters Certificate – International Studies – Howard University
Ph.D.: Communication and Culture – Howard University
Experience: Dr. Anestine Theophile-LaFond is a Caribbean scholar with extensive teaching experience. In the field of Communication she maintains pedagogy rooted in demystifying the communication process. Dr. Theophile-LaFond is Fulbright scholar and an award winning journalist. Dr. Theophile-LaFond is experienced in teaching courses in communication theory, research methods and Interpersonal and intercultural communication as well as public relations and public speaking. Dr. Theophile-LaFond engages in research for applied communications and ICT for development in the Caribbean.  Dr. Theophile-LaFond is a graduate of the 19th cohort of Montgomery College Leadership Institute.

Assistant Professor Fritzi Bodenheimer
Office: 240-567-5262 | email:

SP108: Introduction to Human Communication
SP112: Business and Professional Communication
SP205: Small Group Communication
BS, Boston University
MA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Experience: Joined the full-time faculty in 2000 after several years of part-time teaching at MC, other local community colleges, and the R.H. Smith School of Business. Professor Bodenheimer is the co-author of Women's Public Speaking Handbook (2004). She is also the co-host of Campus Conversations on Channel 10 and a regular reader/broadcaster for the Metropolitan Washington Ear. Professor Bodenheimer is an occasional contributor to a syndicated program on National Public Radio.

Professor and Co-Coordinator, Martin Brodey (retired)
Office: 240-567-7508 | email:

SP 108: Introduction to Human Communication
BS, Ithaca College
MA, University of Michigan
Experience: Mickey Brodey played an important role in the early development of the theatre program at the college. Mickey has turned his attention to speech communication and has served as text coordinator for Power-Point Design on the speech textbook Communicate! published by Wadsworth(2001). He was chair of the Speech, Dance, and Theatre department through the 70s and 80s. He has a particular interest in business and technical communication.

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