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Architect Club & Community Service
Student Architects Club [SAC] 
Community Service Events 

Montgomery College Architecture Club [MCAC]

The Montgomery College Architecture Club is a student organized activity that changes as the semesters change. With a mission to travel to see new buildings in the area, go on construction tours, visit architectural offices, watch films about architects/architecture, participate in design competitions, invite speakers to the College for presentations about sustainable design/building codes/lighting, and visit local schools of architecture.

The MCAC has supported the Architecture Program’s tours to Fallingwater in Western Pennsylvania 16 times!  In addition, the Club has participated in the Architecture Program’s trips to Charlottesville, Baltimore, and on three day weekend trips to New York City and Chicago!

Mostly, the MCAC is a lot of fun for Architecture students.  Students have organized one day ski trips, ice skating on the Mall, bowling competitions, and pizza nights in the Design Studio Lab.  Students have also participated in local AIA Potomac Valley chapter events and lectures.

Community Service Events

Every semester, students in the Architecture Program participate in a service project which provides the local community with something of an architectural nature.  These events are developed by the students with the Program Coordinator and Student Activities.  Although not a required activity, Architecture students seem to like to work together outside of class.  Being a member of a team is an important aspect of design and extends beyond the classroom.
Activities have included:Activities have included:

  • Building a Dollhouse for children at the Greenwood Family Shelter
  • Working at Sandtown, a Habitat for Humanity community in Baltimore, MD
  • Measuring and redesign of existing houses in Wheaton for Habitat for Humanity
  • Design of a proposed City of Gaithersburg Railroad Museum
  • Painting murals in elementary schools as part of HandsonDC

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