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Architecture Program

Program Message

Are you fascinated with how buildings are designed?  Are you curious about why certain spaces in a building are full of delight?  Are you concerned about the negative impact that humans are having on the environment?

Do you like to draw and create things real and imaginary? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and other problems? Does geometry and pattern intrigue you? Do you find yourself designing houses and other structures? Do you have an interest in technical skills like computer software?

Architecture.  Is it an art or a science?  Is it a technical skill or a creative talent?

The Architecture Program at Montgomery College offers students from any background, culture, or age an opportunity to explore if a career in architecture suits them. Students will explore the technical aspects of manual drafting, CAD, and BIMS as well as the creative aspects of making presentation drawings and designing of buildings.
Whether you are pursuing a dream to become an architect or you are curious about the many different directions that are available in the architecture and construction industry, the faculty and courses in the Architecture Program at Montgomery College are vibrant, vital, and responsive to the changing world.  You can complete an AAS degree which transfers to many four-year schools of architecture or brush up on skills and move ahead in your ob position.

Are you a future architect?

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Shorieh Talaat Program Coordinator and Professor

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