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Maryland Area Community College Performing Arts Collective 

Our Aim:

The Maryland Community College Performing Arts Collective (MACC-PAC) is an affinity group for community college educators in Dance, Music, and Theatre.  The mission of the collective is to provide open communication and networking opportunities to share ideas, resources, visions, support, challenges and successes, particularly those which are specific to the community college environment. The intention of MACC-PAC is to improve performance pedagogy and resulting productions, to serve as an advocacy tool for enhancing support for and understanding of the work done by performing arts faculty within our institutions, and to expand the community awareness of and involvement with community college performing arts programs in the state.

Our Membership:

Carroll Community College 
Bill Gillett
Seth Schwartz
Scott Gore
Cecil College 
Janaea Lyn
Andrew Dickenson
Chesapeake Community College 
Anita Tecce
Erica Tecce
Community College of Baltimore County 
Tommy Parlon
Bill Watson
Howard Community College 
Valerie Lash
Renee Barger
Hsien-Ann Men
Janelle Broderick
Carolyn Keleman
Montgomery College  
Susan Hoffman
R. Scott Hengen
KenYatta Rogers
Peter Zakutansky
Wor-Wic Community College 
Jodie Bross
Judith Ferrand

MACCPAC MEETING #4  6/17/11 at Harford Community College            

Notes for Minutes taken by Dr. Ben Fisler                     
Minutes submitted by Janaea Lyn 6/22/11

Paul Labe, Harford
Ben Fisler, Harford
Janaea Lyn, Cecil
Renee Barger, Howard
Valerie Lash, Howard
Bill Gillett, Carroll
Seth Schwartz, Carroll
Jenny Mali, Howard
Janelle Broderick, Howard

Approval of minutes from January 2011
Discussion #1 - Review of Purpose of and Approach to MACCPAC
- May not have sufficient numbers to support Subcommittees but can participate on projects by interest and expertise and meet/be in touch as needed
- Putting all the topical groups in one room, after a regular MACCPAC meeting or separate meeting?
- Expertise may not be limited to specific job descriptions- still want to have overlap
- We can represent MACCPAC and our school in an advocacy capacity wherever we are attending an arts meeting or conference
- Re-read Mission Statement
- Creating visibility and dialogue among CC and 4 year institutions – use logo, web presence
-Mission is good
-logo and letterhead is good (unless it still needs to be flipped? Need a card too.
- Website is a go
- Agreed to begin a membership fee of $50 per school and we can decide to waive that for small programs if needed. 
-Bill will work with Scott to open bank account and make the webpage and finalize logo/promo documents.
- Agreed to keep bi-annual meetings and add discipline breakout sessions at the end of each.
UMBC visit at 12:00-1:00
- Carol Hess, Dance
- Julie Kuhn, Admissions
- Alan Kreizenbeck, Theatre
Discussion #2 - UMBC Overview and Articulation
- Recruitment, new facilities, auditions for incoming majors (early in February)
- 2K - 2500 usually for transfers
- - Review of CC curriculum - sometimes similarly titled classes don't have the same content and/or Vocabulary and Experiences that you will miss
- Different transfer scenarios
- Foundations courses and general education courses
- Teacher certification in dance is offered through UMBC's department
- Theatre Program has a BA and BFA
- 1st 2 semesters of BFA and BA program in theatre are the same
BFA highest percentage of grads but many gave up after freshman year ... ensemble courses provide experience for non-BFA students
-           Sharing of assessment rubrics – Carol and Alan willing to do
-            Transfer Student Alliance
Can help students with tuition for UMBC but they must sign up before they have completed 30 credits- contact Julie about this
Cecil and Towson already did so in dance.
- Suggested Profile Pages for the Community Colleges and 4 year programs to better understand how each is distinct and where is the best fit for our students in a succinct format
-Janaea will create the template and begin this and others can fill in and then we will do the same for four year schools
- Request for Dance Articulation Meeting – to be scheduled, Carol will check schedule for Mid-August
 Lunch break – Individual conversations and guests left
Discussion  #3 – General and Recap
Confidential discussion about UMBC's questionable theatre practices from the past.
General discussion about Certificates and AFAs.

    • MHEC requires that Certificates must be directly connected to employment requirements, a difficulty for the arts.
    • Howard has eliminated all performing arts certificates. Discussion of certificate programs that are tailored to related student options (arts administration and studies degrees at Howard) TV/Film majors at Stevenson (90 credits) Non-transferability of some courses.
    • Generally lack of support for A.F.A programs.

-Possible Reverse Transfer - Getting a degree retroactively and/or completion credits by the community college

  • Howard is investigating a possible student initiated approach

  • Idea to have the next meeting at UMCP with a possible early time for MACCPAC on site there, then with hosts and then our discipline breakout session.
  • Possibly meet January 20... Bill will check on UMCP first
  • Next Community College host to be at Montgomery College
  • May try to set both dates in advance, possibly June 8, 2012

Adjourned 2:00pm


MACCPAC Minutes from 1/21/11

In Attendance:

R. Scott Hengen

Montgomery College

Speech, Dance, Theatre

Production Coordinator

Judy Ferrand


Arts & Humanities

Prf of English/Speech

Janelle Broderick

Howard County

Horowitz Center

Renée Barger

Howard County


Paula Chipman

Frederick County


Andrew Dickenson

Cecil County


Bill Watson


Performing Arts

Seth Schwartz

Carroll County

Fine and Performing Arts

Bill Gillett

Carroll County

Fine and Performing Arts

Valerie Lash

Howard County

Arts & Humanities

Lynda Fitzgerald

Anne Arundel County

Performing Arts – Dance

Janaea Lyn

Cecil County

Performing Arts – Dance

Anita Tecce

Chesapeake County


Keith Hight

College of Southern Maryland

Paul Labe

Harford County

Visual and Performing & Applied Arts - Dean


Neil Anderson-Himmelspach

Harford County


Ben Fisler

Harford County




Review of Minutes from 6/8/2010

• Minutes Approved

Review of Logo Design

                • Adjustment to Note Symbol recommended

                • Once note aspect is flipped horizontally, Logo is approved

Review of Website

                • Citizens for the Arts group option may not be the best sponsor due to leadership change

                • Arts Council may not be best fit because aims are different

                • remains as possibility

                • Bill G and Seth S will research more possibilities, costs, maccpac dues possibilities and EIN# possibilities

                • Results of research presented at next meeting


Discussion of Survey results

                • Bill W reviewed survey information

                • Most schools have 15 credit hour/contact hour for full time contract

                • Lynda F – Q: Anyone have problem finding/attaining majors list from advising dept?

                                                Discussion: Many schools have similar difficulty

                                                                Many schools have full-time faculty advise majors and non-majors

                                                                Many schools have to request list

                                                                Howard CC receives list from counseling/advising dept

                • Janaea L – Q: Anyone have other department faculty/staff attend performing arts events?

                • Bill G – Q: Can maccpac review issue @ credits vs. teaching load?

Agenda item for next meeting.

                • Janaea L – Q: Adjunct information not included in survey

Agenda item for next meeting to discuss inclusion of adjunct info for next survey


Discussion of Specific Survey Topic – Advising

                •Howard CC – Students advised by Full Time Faculty

                                List attained from Counseling/Advising Dept

                                Responsibility listed as job requirement

                                Renée B – Many students don’t know what is involved in declaring/being a major

                                                ‘Chat n Choose’ –advising event for students to come and discuss majors with instructors and advisors for each department

                                                Adjuncts are asked to announce advisors and faculty contacts in classes

                •Bill G – Q: Do declared majors have to see faculty/advisor before registering?

                •Renée B – A: HCC does placement evaluations per student in order provide format and schedule for registration timelines

                •Valerie L – Q: How many schools have General Studies Degree with concentration in Arts?

                                A: Two schools: (?)

                •Valerie L – Q: Does anyone have AFA?

                                A: CCBC(Bill W.)

                •Renée B – Q: Does that AFA transfer at Junior level to Towson?

                                A: Typically transfers at Junior level, allows lessening of gen ed courses(Bill W)


                • Bill G – 4 yr schools represented at High School Theatre Festival excited about maccpac organization

                                Q: Should we invite a 4yr school each time to discuss advising and transferability?

                                A: Collective agreement to have a “Arts at Towson Day” in reverse(Janaea L)

                                                Where a 4 yr school will be invited to maccpac meeting to have access to

maccpac members.

1st invite to UMBC for next mtg

Discussion of Next meeting venue – Harford County in May/June 2011

                Topics – Credits vs Teaching Load

Assessment methods, possible presentations for next meeting from HowardCC

Arts Assessment in Higher Education Website

Also - 


Further discussion as Howard CC, Montgomery had to depart




Attendees -  June 2010:

Bill Gillett                              Theatre                         Carroll                              

Seth Schwartz                        Tech                              Carroll                              

Janaea Lyn                             Dance                           Cecil                                 

Andrew Dickenson                 Music                            Cecil                                 

Heather Morrissey                Theatre                         Cecil                                 

Valerie Lash                           Horowitz Center           Howard                            

Janelle Broderick                   Horowitz Center           Howard                            

Kasi Campbell                        Theatre                         Howard                            

Lisa Wilde                              Theatre                         Howard                            

Renee Barger                        Dance                           Howard                            

Tommy Parlon                       Dance                           CCBC                                

Anita Tecce                            Theatre                         Chesapeake                      

Scott Hengen                         Theatre (Tech)              Montgomery                    

Susan Hoffman                      Theatre (Chair)             Montgomery                    

Kenyatta Rogers                    Theatre                         Montgomery                    

Ben Fisler                               Theatre                         Harford                            

Joe Marschner                       Theatre                         Hagerstown                      

Paula Chipman                      Music                            Frederick                          


Agenda 6/2010

  • Review and approve minutes
  • Review and discuss mission statement draft
  • Review and discuss logo and applications
  • Review and discuss survey draft
  • Determine group structure
  • Next steps
  • Next meeting and place
  • Shared Items



Sign in sheet & Introductions. Meeting called to order at 10:15am.

  • Minutes from 1st meeting reviewed.

Discussion: All attendees from last meeting agreed were accurate representation of meeting.

Action: Minutes Approved.

  • Mission Statement Draft read aloud

Discussion:  Does “M” stand for Maryland or Maryland-area or something else?

  • Should we leave it open to interpretation?

Action: Decision to confirm name as Maryland Area Community College Performing Arts Collective and to include with acronym (MACCPAC) on all materials.  Draft of mission/intention statement to be revisited for clarity and Janaea will revise and resend.

  • Logo Review

Discussion: Carroll Community College created a logo and applications for letterhead and envelopes for MACCPAC which were passed around for review. Kudos to be passed on to Scott Gore and student designers at Carroll for their great work.

  -all liked that colors of MD were used

  -should the acronym “MACCPAC” be incorporated in some way?

  -suggestion: music stem be turned around to be accurate?

  -suggestion: possible better representation of theater: use curtain as mask, focus light as spot, etc.

  - should we have a permanent address and if so, what should it be?

  -suggestion: use Acting President or contact school address as current address

Action: Discussion points to be brought back to designers for a possible revision. Bill will do this. No decision made on address, pending additional discussion.

Additional discussion: Scott Hengen has been designing a webpage for us but now if Montgomery hosts it there are constraints to the look, format and must be connected to that school.

-  should we have a website?  Who will host?

-suggestion: host our own independently through

- suggestion: contact larger support non-profit to ask for referral for organization willing to partner, e.g. MSAC, CAM (County Arts Councils) or Maryland Citizens for the Arts

Action: Scott will investigate independent host sites and Janaea will provide all contact info to him as well. Heather will investigate CAM as a possible host/partner and Renee will investigate MCA.

Determining Group Structure

Discussion: Should we be a non-profit? Action: not at this time but possibly in future

            -suggestion: Should we have an executive Board, a President?

            -suggestion: We should have one person to be the point person for contact and information

            -suggestion: leadership for one year terms

            -discussion ensued about not wanting to lose site of the “collaborative” element of the group

            -suggestion: why not just have committees do “grunt work” on an as-needed basis?

            -suggestion: have a representative leadership committee comprised of individuals from subcommittees, all 3 disciplines, facilities and small and large programs

            -what would be our potential sub-committees under leadership committees? -PR, Internal Communications, Planning, Outreach, etc.

            -primary need indentified at this time is to ensure meetings are held, and initial projects (promo – logo/web, survey, group communication) are undertaken by interested and skilled members and implemented in a timely manner with input from the collective

Action: For the present we will continue with the structure that is in place as it has been effective for this stage of development.  Janaea and Bill agree to continue as the point people and will officially function as Co-Facilitators for the coming year. Individual members will participate with specific project areas as interested/needed.

  • Survey

            Discussion: -Janaea presented survey overview listing recognized areas of general interest and concern

            -how would we want to “attack” survey

            -would each major concern constitute a full internal meeting topic?

           - idea of specific external presentations around a particular topic, possible conferences long term

           -suggestion: Renee suggested set up full survey in “survey monkey” and have each department head complete in consultation with faculty              

Action: -Bill Watson of CCBC was volunteered to design survey with input from the collective

  • Next Steps

- Follow up Actions indicated under each topic

- Any missing faculty (fulltime or adjunct) with their email and area should be sent to Janaea for contact list

- Heather and Janaea will send minutes and revised Mission draft

-we need someone to volunteer to take minutes at each meeting – Ben agreed as long as he can attend


  • -Next Meeting:

-Chesapeake Community College in January – Bill will coordinate date


Shared Items

Anita/WorWic-Chestertown Director exchange program created and successfully completed

ATHE – Bill will represent us there

Valerie/Howard – Assessment information available to share

Janaea/Cecil - Program Review information available to share

Joe /CHEMusic - Applied Music Lesson compensation information available to share



Montgomery College

Montgomery County, MD


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