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Placement Testing at the College

International students inside the United States take the ESL Accuplacer.  

Students applying for a form I-20 from outside of the United States MUST take placement testing outside of the US to obtain the form I-20 to enter the US.  Students in the United States in a different status, or visiting prior to applying for their F-1 visa stamp, may take the ESL Accuplacer if dates are available.

You should take a Mathematics Placement test as soon as your English level is high enough (when you have tested into RD103 or higher, your Academic Counselor will guide you).  If you, plan to major in Science (including Health Professions), Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, you will need math placement test results to enroll in many of your major-area courses.  All students are encouraged to take Math courses as early as possible to avoid delays in graduation.

Once you are admitted and have a Student Identification Number (M number), contact the Assessment Center to schedule English and Math placement testing. 

For information about the ESL Accuplacer, visit Montgomery College's Assessment and Placement web pages. 


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