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Addiction Prevention

Most people have been touched in some way by substance use and addiction, whether it be their own use, friends, or family. Sometimes, something that starts out as a way to relax and have fun or to escape pain can turn into a life-threatening problem.  

The national crisis surrounding prescription opioids and heroin has started more conversations and led to a greater understanding of how alcohol and other drugs impact the body and brain.

Montgomery College wants to continue that conversation and provide students with information about addiction as well as treatments.

Learn the Facts

This video can help you learn more about addiction:

Why Are Drugs So Hard to Quit?

Take the Test

Do you think you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or other drugs? Take this short screening test, and use the results to start a conversation with your doctor or counselor.

Start Here

There are many resources available in our area offering assistance.

To start, decide if you prefer self-help or professional help. You can also put together a combination of the two.

Mental Health

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