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I-20 Forms (.pdf format)

Please be sure you have read the instructions to apply for an I-20 BEFORE printing and completing any of these forms!

Supplemental Information Form 

Affidavit of Support form for NON-U.S. Sponsors Sponsors outside of the U.S. or non-immigrant sponsors inside of the U.S. complete this form.  Sponsor's signature MUST be notarized (contact the office or U.S. Consulate if you are unsure about a Notary)

USCIS instructions for form I-134 General Instructions for the form I-134 by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service [USCIS].  These include the documents that must accompany the I-134 (proof of the ability to provide support).  PLEASE download the actual form I-134 by using the "Special Instructions for Completing the I-134" page.  

Sponsor's Obligations form Sponsors must read and complete this form.  The form explains the sponsor's responsibilities and answers sponsor's questions.

Transfer Clearance Form Students transferring an I-20 from another institution inside the United States (Language School, High School, College/University) must complete the top portion of this form and have their institution complete the bottom portion and fax the form to the correct campus. 

I-20 Travel Signature Request Form Currently enrolled students who need a signature on the I-20 page 3 to return to the United States after travel to another country must complete this form. 

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