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ID Planning Sheet

Schedule Planning

The following is a list of courses and their current day and/or night placement in the Spring and Fall Schedules. The list is intended for future schedule planning. Please see the current schedule for exact times:

ID103 Interiors: Design Principles - days and nights Fall Semester
days only Spring Semester

ID104 Interior Design II - days Fall Semester
nights Spring Semester

ID 105 Technical Drawing and Drafting - days Fall Semester
days and nights Spring Semester

ID 106 Interiors: Advanced Presentation Techniques - days Fall Semester
nights Spring Semester

ID180 Interiors: Computer Presentation Techniques - days Fall Semester
nights Spring Semester

ID 211 Historic Interiors I - nights Fall Semester

ID 212 Historic Interiors II - nights Spring Semester

ID 221 Interior Design: Residential - nights Fall Semester
days Spring Semester

ID 222 Interior Design: Commercial/contract - days Spring Semester

ID 234 Textiles - nights Fall Semester

ID260 Business Practices - nights Spring Semester

One-credit Interior Design Professional Electives are offered on a rotating schedule. Please contact your advisor for further help in compiling your schedule.

Coordinator, Interior Design Program
for Ken-Z (preferred contact method)

Prof. Chantal Sheppard
Associate Professor
for A- Kem

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