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New Students

New Students

Both Montgomery College and the Interior Design Program have open admissions. The program offers both certificates and associate degrees in Interior Design. Please see the Degrees/Certificates page for the curriculum for these offerings.

Degree or Certificate?

It is not necessary to chose a degree or certificate before entering the program as all the degrees and certificates begin with the same three courses -

  • IDES 101 Interior Design I
  • IDES 107 Design Principles
  • IDES 110 Technical Drawing and Drafting
    (These first three courses have no prerequisites and may be taken in any order - one at a time or up to all three together.)

Advising and Assessments

Although counselors may advise otherwise, the Interior Design Program does not require that students be assessed in Math and English before beginning the program. Students will need to be assessed once they begin in order to work toward fulfilling the Math and English Foundation requirements and to meet assessment requirements for courses that follow the three introductory Interior Design courses. Only students with previous coursework or experience in Interior Design need advising before registering for these courses.

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