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Student Senate

What is the Student Senate?
The Student Senate is the student government organization at the Rockville Campus. It represents the entire student body on many levels from organizing events to voicing student concerns to the college administration and state legislation.

What are their responsibilities?
The senate’s primary responsibilities include addressing common student issues and above all enhancing student life during your academic career at Montgomery College.

Why do I need to participate?
You have the opportunity to shape your student government. As a student on the Rockville Campus, it is your responsibility to make sure your suggestions, comments, feedback and concerns are heard and clearly communicated. The Student Senate offers you the opportunity to do so and your participation will make a difference towards making your voice heard.

How can you get involved and participate?
You can visit the Student Senate Office in Campus Center, Office of Student Life, room 008 or call 240.567.7177 or email

Become a Senator
Interested students may apply to join the Student Senate each semester by visiting the Office of Student Life, Student Senate Office, room 008 or call 240.567.7177 or email

Rockville Student Senate Application Spring 2016

The Student Senate is a fun and rewarding experience.  Here are some helpful
tips that student senators have done in the past to get those required signatures fast!

  • Ask your friends, and friends of friends for their signature
  • Approach students at the student lounge during peak hours, such as lunch time
  • Asks student around the math and science center
  • Don’t be shy of your classmates, ask for their support too!

Please visit the Student Senate on Facebook for more information.

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