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Rockville Part-Time Faculty Office and Support Center

Evening Weekend Office

 About Us 

The Rockville Campus' Evening-Weekend Office (EWO), is located on the ground floor of the Humanities Building Room 008.The EWO provides a variety of services for part-time faculty during traditional working hours and also during class hours on evenings and weekends.The EWO is the primary office for many Rockville part-time faculty members.  The office is equipped with a work area, tables, computers, cubicles for student conferencing, lockers, hospitality and an administrative office. It is a center for office support, communications, resources, and meeting with other part-time faculty.

Office Access & Key Management

You need a swipe card to access the office.  The work area is kept locked  from 8:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. If you already have a swipe card make sure your department has submitted a key request indicating that access is needed to room HU 008.  Your access is programmed each semester upon departmental request.  If you can't get into the EWO or any locked classroom you need to access, you may call MC Security at 240-567-5111 and a security officer will come to open the door for you. You should be prepared to identify yourself with your MC Faculty ID card when they arrive to open the room.  Security will respond as soon as possible at the time you call - you cannot request them to open the room for a future time.

Please send website questions and comments to Lisa Dobbins at: or call 240-567-5242.

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