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(Culturally Responsive Educators Aspiring for Teaching Excellence)

Teacher Cohort Program

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Welcome to the C R E A T E (Culturally Responsive Educators Aspiring for Teaching Excellence).

Teacher Cohort Program.  The School of Education on the Rockville campus is offering a full time Teacher Cohort Program for Fall 2015.   

This program will accept 20 candidates who want to become Elementary/Special Education teachers for grades 1 - 6.   

We are now accepting applications for the Class of 2017.    

The C R E A T E program offers strong support, structured scheduling, content specific study sessions with close interaction with faculty, assigned mentors, math and English tutoring, PRAXIS Core prep sessions and direct support from the four year schools  (e.g. Towson at Shady Grove, UMBC, and Howard University).  With one on one advising, mentoring and strong academic support, students can anticipate graduating in two years with the necessary GPA to transfer to the four year Maryland university of choice including Howard University.   Createimage4

Cohort participants will earn the Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree.  This is a fully transferable degree in which students transfer as juniors to complete their bachelors at the four year school.  Howard University and American University also accepts our AAT degree.  

We are currently seeking to recruit 20 students for the Class of 2017.  Sign up now as limited space is available.  The program, C R E A T E (Culturally Responsive Educators Aspiring for Teaching Excellence) is designed for full time students who are interested in becoming Education Majors in Elementary Education.  

Book-Share Program:  The CREATE Book Share program alleviates the burden of purchasing textbooks for full time students.    Please consider donating your textbook to the Book-Share program.  You can consider it as a pay it forward donation.  It allows future full time students who will take the required classes in the Associates of Arts of Teaching Cohort Program to borrow the text for the semester or part of the semester, sometimes, just until they can purchase their own.  If you like, we can include a special note saying this textbook was donated for your use by….(your name)

I want to thank you in advance for you textbook donation.  If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Dr. Zeporia N. Smith, Coordinator. 

To apply or for more information about this program, please contact  Dr. Zeporia N. Smith, 240-463-4552 or email  

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