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10.3 Add Pop-up Windows

  1. In Edit mode highlight/select the text or image you wish act as the link to your popup window
  2. With the text or image highlighted, click on the Hyperlink button (the little globe with a link icon)
  3. A popup window will open. Select javascript: from the Type dropdown menu
    Javascript link
  4. In the Link field, type javascript:PopupWindow('eduPopup.aspx?id=1847').  If you want a pop-up window with toolbar controls, type javascript:PopupWindowWithControls('eduPopup.aspx?id=1847') instead.

    PLEASE NOTE: Replace the id number 1847 with your Content Block's id number. Id numbers are found in the Properties tab (found at the top of your content's Content Details area) or found in your browser's URL address bar (sample: window


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