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10.2 Build a Web Form

There are several pre-made forms/surveys in the CMS (e.g., contact information, feedback survey, whitepaper request). These pre-made forms/surveys may be useful to you, but in many cases you will need to build your own form/survey using the Blank Form option.

Using the Blank Form option, you can add your own fields to the form/survey and specify how submitted data should be collected in a database and/or sent to one or more email addresses.

Example form that uses the .edu forms.aspx template:

PLEASE NOTE:  The forms.aspx template will be used in the instructions below.  However, other form templates are available and can be used instead of the forms.aspx template. 

There are four major steps to building a form:

Sample form

Configure a new blank form/survey

  1. Select the folder you wish to create your form in, from the folder directory above the Content tab.
  2. Click on the menu item New and select HTML Form/Survey
    New HTML Form/Survey

  3. Complete the five steps for creating a new form:

    Step 1 of 5: Select the Blank Form option
    Step 1 of 5

    Step 2 of 5: Type a title and description for the form

    Step 3 of 5: Skip this step. MC is not currently using Tasks in Ektron

    Step 4 of 5: Choose one of three response options to display for the user when the form is submitted:

    Display a message (recommended for most cases)
    Type the text of the message that should display for the user when the form is submitted.
    Example text: Thank you for your feedback. We will use it to improve our services 

    Redirect to a file or page
    Click the link icon (outlined in red dots) and then click the Select button to choose which CMS content to link to. Then click OK.
    CMS content link
    Report on the form
    Select where the form data should display for the user – on the same window or a new one. Then choose which type of report should display – data table, bar chart, pie chart or combined.

    Step 5 of 5: Click Done. A Submit Form button will appear on your form

  4. Then click the Templates tab on your form and choose EDU/Forms.aspx from the drop-down menu. This option will assign your form to the forms template.
    Templates tab

    PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have the EDU/Forms.aspx option in your drop-down menu, you need to first add the template to the list of available templates for your folder. See section 8.3: Change which Templates are Available to a Folder for more information on adding a template to a folder.  If you do not have access to change the template configuration on your folder, contact OIT Web Services to modify your permissions. 

  5. Click the Publish or Checkin button to publish or checkin the form. This will enable you to preview the form and will give you access to edit its properties.

    The staging URL for your form will resemble the following:
    (substitute the ID at the end with your form's ID)

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Edit the Form Properties

  1. Click the Edit Properties button
    Edit properties
  2. In the Form Data section of the Edit Properties screen, check whether you want the submitted form data to be collected in a database (Database) and/or sent to one or more email addresses (Mail)
    Edit form
  3. If you selected the Mail option, click the Mail Properties link and complete the To: and Subject: fields, at a minimum
  4. Click Save

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Add content and form fields using the WYSIWYG

  1. Click the Edit button to open the WYSIWYG
  2. As a general guideline, insert a table above the Submit Form button. The table will help to organize/layout the form data.
    Form table
  3. Then type the name/label for each form field in the left column of the table
    Form fields
  4. Insert the corresponding form field in the right column of the table. To insert the fields, you must use the Ektron Form toolbar located either on the top (horizontal) and left sides (vertical) of the WYSIWYG.
    Form fileds

    If using the top toolbar, place your cursor where you want the field in the table. Then click the field button on the toolbar to insert the field.

    If using the left toolbar, drag the desired button from the toolbar to the desired location within the content

    The Form toolbar and its buttons

    Form toolbar
    Checkbox field

    Checkbox field

    Hidden text field

    Hidden text field

    Text field

    Text field

    Password field

    Password field

    Text area

    Text area
    (scrolls to fit more text)



    Drop-down box with selections

    Drop-down box
    with selections

    Calendar/insert date field

    insert date field

    PLEASE NOTE: For specific instructions on inserting each of these fields, see "Inserting Form Fields" in Ektron help

  5. Be sure to Publish the form when you have inserted all your form content and fields. Publishing the form will enable others to view it and fill it out.

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Get form data, reports

  1. If you set your form properties to collect user-submitted data in a database, you can view that the data as frequently as you choose
  2. Click the chart icon in the View Form window
    View form window
  3. Choose a start and end date for the report and how you want the report to display. Click Get Result.
    Report options

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