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9.2 Add/Edit Single-Level Menu Items

Example menu with single-level items/links (left and top menus):

single level menu example 

  1. Go to the content folder that contains the menu you want to edit.
  2. Select Menu from the View menu.
    view menu

  3. Select a menu to edit.  The menu opens.
    select menu to edit

  4. Mouse over the menu folder name to see the menu editing options available:  Add, Reorder, Edit, Delete.
    menu options available

  5. To add an item (link) to the menu, mouseover menu folder that should contain the link. Click Add.
  6. Choose one of these two link options:

    an internal page link (a link to a content block within the CMS)

    an external page link (an external hyperlink) 

Internal page link

  1. Select Content Item to link to an internal page (a page stored in the CMS).
    Content item

  2. Select a content item to which the link should point.
    select content item

  3. Click the yellow plus sign.
    Select content item

PLEASE NOTE: By default, a content item link will not open in a new window when clicked by an end user.

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External page link

  1. Select External Hyperlink to link to an external page (a page not in the CMS).
    External hyperlink
  2. Type a title and URL for the link.
    external link title and url

  3. Click the Save icon

    PLEASE NOTE: By default, a link to an external page will not open in a new window when clicked by an end user. It is best practice to open an external link in a new window by following the steps below:

  4. Mouseover the external link. Click Edit
    Edit external link menu
  5. In the Target section, select Popup (the default is Self)
    target popup(2)

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