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8.2 Use Tables for Simple Page Layout

You can insert a table in your content to arrange text and images.  Tables are most often used as a layout tool when templates with large main content areas are used (e.g., plain.aspx, department.aspx, department2.aspx).  Some templates used for major landing pages (e.g., Counseling & Advising - secondary1.aspx) have pre-made layouts, making it less necessary to use tables for layout.

  1. In Edit mode, click on the Insert Table icon to create a simple table with one row and two columns
    Insert table Insert table options
  2. Once you have your simple table, you can choose to insert an image in one cell and descriptive text in another to create a basic page layout
    Table and image
  3. Click on the table and select the "TableNoStyle" (this will eliminate the table's styles) or "TableRowWhite" style from the Apply Style dropdown menu.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Applying "TableNoStyle" will make the gridlines disappear in edit mode.
    Apply style - TableNoStyle
  4. To edit the width of an individual column, right-click on a cell and select Cell Properties.  Teh Cell Properties dialogue box opens.
  5. In the Cell Properties dialogue box, modify any of the following items: width (select either percent or pixels), word wrap, alignment.  Then click OK.







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