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7.2 Link to Internal CMS Content and DMS Files

There are two methods to link to internal CMS content and assets.  The method you choose will depend on whether you have CMS access to the target CMS content.

Choose what you want to link to:


Your CMS Content

  1. In Edit mode, highlight/select the text or image you wish to add a Hyperlink to
  2. With the text or image highlighted, click on the Files, Images, Hyperlinks button
    (the little stack of books icon).  An additional window will open up containing a library of assets (the window may appear automatically behind your current window in Firefox).
    Files, images, hyperlinks icon
    PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a pop-up blocker, hold down the Shift key when you click the Files, Images, Hyperlinks button.

  3. In the left hand folder directory, click on the folder containing the Content Block (page) or the DMS document you wish to link to.
  4. Select Quicklinks in the dropdown menu (this will allow you to view a list of Content Blocks and DMS documents in the selected folder)
    PLEASE NOTE: Content blocks (internal pages) will have "edu/" in front of the location/description id of the page. DMS documents will have "WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=#" in front of the location/description id of the DMS document

    DMS link and internal page links
  5. To insert a link to the file, double-click on the DMS document or on the Content Block (you can also highlight the content and click the Insert icon)
    Insert icon
  6. You will be automatically redirected to the content page after inserting the hyperlink

    PLEASE NOTE:  By default, an internal hyperlink will open in the same window. This is the recommended hyperlink method for internal pages.


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Another Department's CMS Content

When linking to another department's CMS content, follow the same steps for linking to an external Web page, but be sure to use a relative link.

Example relative URLs to CMS content:


Example relative URL to a DMS document:

For more information on relative links, visit


PLEASE NOTE: To determine the direct URL for a link on a Web page, right-click on the link on the live site and select Copy Shortcut (Copy Link Location in Firefox). This will copy the direct URL. Then paste the direct URL in the hyperlink popup window, and remove the first part of it ( to make it a relative link.

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