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6.2 Upload Files and Images to the DMS

Upload a Single File

  1. In the left hand tab area of the Workarea click on the Content tab
  2. Select the folder you wish to upload your file/image to
  3. Click on the menu item New and select DMS Document in the dropdown menu to upload your files individually (to upload multiple files at once, see the section on multiple file uploads below)
    New DMS document
  4. A window with options will appear in the Workarea where you can browse to your file/image and title it (when done hit the Publish button).

    Your file will now appear in your folder along with your Content Blocks

    PLEASE NOTE: Content Blocks will be identified by an Internet Explorer icon, DMS images will be identified by a yellow image icon, and DMS files will be identified by their standard pdf/.doc/..xls icon.
    Content blocks


Upload Multiple Files at Once

  1. Highlight the folder where you want to upload the files
  2. Click the Add Assets icon
    Add assets
  3. Drag and drop the files from your computer (Windows Explorer) to the drag and drop window within the Workarea (hold down the Control key to select non-consecutive items, or the Shift key to select consecutive items)
    Drag and drop assets


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