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5.1 Save vs. Checkin vs. Publish

For simplicity, we strongly suggest using the Checkin icon instead of the Save icon to save content.  The Publish icon saves and publishes content.


Checkinthe recommeded way to Save content without publishing it  

Click the Checkin icon to save your content.  Checked in content will not publish to the live site. The edit window will automatically close and return to the Content Details area.

You can preview content that is checked in, to see what it will look like if/when you publish it.



Click the Publish icon to publish your content to the live site. You will be automatically exited from Edit mode to the Content Details area.

After clicking Publish, your content will automatically sync to the live site on the nearest half hour (at :00 or :30)



Click the Save icon to save your content. After saving you will remain in Edit mode and can continue working with the content.
PLEASE NOTE: If you hit the Cancel ("X") icon, even after saving, your content will be lost (if your content was originally in a "published" state before editing). Be sure to Checkin or Publish your content before exiting the WYSIWYG.



Checkout is not an icon, but the state your content is in when you are editing content or have closed content without checking it in or publishing it.  When your content is checked-out, no other content managers can access your content to edit it. You must publish it or check it in for someone else to make changes to it.

PLEASE NOTE: The Status column displays one of multiple indicators for each content block: O (checked out), I (checked in), A (published).


  • and/or publish it.


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