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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Priority Registration?

Students who have earned 30 credit hours towards a degree at MC as of the end of the most recent semester will be the only students able to register for the upcoming fall or spring semester in the first week registration opens. This provides students, especially full-time students, an opportunity to register early for classes they may need to complete their degree program. For example, if you earned 30 credit hours by the start of the spring semester, you may take advantage of priority registration for the fall semester. Priority registration for fall begins at the end of April.

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2. What is a “part of term?”

Montgomery College schedules its credit courses following a term schedule (Fall and Spring) and also has additional classes offered during Summer and Winter sessions. A fall or spring term runs about 15 weeks.
A part of term is just that - part of a full term. This allows Montgomery College to offer a larger variety of class delivery options by using multiple parts of term. Parts of term are only used in the Fall and Spring terms and are not used for the winter or summer sessions. Check the Schedule of Classes for parts of term classes, and be sure to check the start and end dates for all classes.

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3. Are there any exceptions?

  • You may register in person for a class if it has not begun, such as registering for a class at 10:00 am and the class begins at 1:00 pm..
  • If you are assessed by the instructor or the department and it is determined that you need to be assigned to a different course, you will need documentation of the new assessment and approval from the department chair.
  • If the College cancels your class too late for you to add another class, you will need to obtain approval from the department chair.
  • If there is a documented registration error by the College, You will need approval from the campus registrar, followed by approval from the department chair.
  • If you have a documented medical emergency that prohibited you from registering online or in person prior to the start of the class, you will need documentation of the medical emergency and approval from the campus registrar, followed by approval from the department chair.
  • If you registered on time, attended the course, but were dropped from the course for reasons other than listed above, you will need approval from the department chair.  

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    4. How do I get an exception?

    Follow instructions based on the exceptions listed above.

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    5. Who can approve an exception?

    Deans and department chairs for academic departments after consultation with the instructor(s) of the class(es), will approve exceptions for: Add/Drop, Assessment, and Course Cancellation. The Admissions and Registration office will assist you with exceptions relating to College Error and Medical. The approver for these two exceptions is the campus registrar.

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    6. Can I just go to class and ask the professor?

    Do not go to the class and ask the professor. Your appeal for a registration exception must be reviewed and approved by the campus registrar and/or the appropriate dean or department chair.

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    7. What if the professor said I could? What if I have an email/note/letter from the professor?

    The campus registrar and/or deans or department chairs provide the approval for registration exceptions to the Admissions and Registration office. Deans and Chairs work with faculty to determine if space is available in classes, and if students can make up the work they missed from registering late.

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    8. How do I get on the waitlist for a class that is full?

    A waitlist is created when maximum enrollment capacity for a particular course has been reached. When you attempt to register for a course that is full, you have the option to place yourself on the waitlist. When a seat becomes available, and you are the next student on the waitlist, you will be notified via your MC e-mail address. As of the fall 2017 semester, the waitlist will cut off three calendar days before the start of the class based on the part of term in which it is scheduled. Visit Waitlist Information for more, or watch How to Waitlist to see how to waitlist yourself for a class.

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    9. I am a current high school student taking classes at MC. Who should I talk to about my registration questions?

    If you are a high school senior planning to enter MC after graduation, please contact the College Recruiter assigned to your school. You may also contact the Response Center at (240)567-5000 or visit one of our campus Welcome Centers.

    If you are a current high school student taking MC classes while you are in high school, please contact the Office of Academic Initiatives Early Placement Program at (240)567-4140.

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    10. Who do I call if I have more questions?

    Please contact the MC Response Center at (240)567-5000 or one of the Enrollment Services personnel listed below if you have questions.

    Germantown Campus
    Katie Kelpy

    Rockville Campus
    Eunice Akitobi-Ndoung

    Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
    Marjorie Davis

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