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New Classes and New Degree!

1) New Classes: 

*   TECH 190 + CMSC 140 is a new learning community class where students will learn introductory programming and game development at the same time!  Using Unity and C#, students will create their own new 2D games.  This is a great opportunity to take both classes together, with just one weekly class meeting. Both TECH 190 + CMSC 140 will be taught in class Wednesday evenings and online.  Students will get a lot more out of Unity by being able to modify game code than by just taking TECH 190 alone without the paired programming class.  Both classes fulfill requirements for the game degree and for transfer to UB. You don't need prior programming experience. 

*   TECH 295 will be a new class in analog game design (board games, card games, tabletop games, etc.) planned for the 2016-2017 school year.

*   TECH 125 has merged with GDES 140, so take GDES 140 in place of TECH 125.  You can also choose to take GDES 140 even if you have already taken TECH 125 - you will get more experience with character and story based animation and make some great work for your portfolio!

2) New Degree

*   New AAS degree: The revised gaming degree has just been approved.  It will change the gaming degree from an AA to an AAS.  What does that mean? Basically, fewer general education classes and more technical classes.  So it will allow students to take more programming, animation, and other skills-based classes that will better prepare you for a career in the industry. The AAS does not have tracks but it gives you more CHOICE in electives - so you can choose the classes that you need, and you can even include some general education classes as electives if that's what you prefer (i.e. if you need more Gen Ed for transfer reasons).  The new degree will be online soon. 

*   Transfer: Currently we have a transfer agreement with UB for the AA degree.  We have just started working on a new transfer agreement with UB for the AAS.  Transfer agreements are not guaranteed and can take about a year to get signed by both schools, so you may want to stick with the AA degree until we have a new agreement in place for the AAS.  We also hope to create transfer agreements with additional schools.

*   DO NOT WORRY - YOU CAN STILL COMPLETE THE OLD DEGREE!  Your classes still count towards the old degree for up to 7 years as long as you are still enrolled during those years. (See MC academic regulation 9.32 here for full details - look under "53001 Academic Regulations and Standards")


You have probably noticed the course name/number changes in all MC classes. ALL MC programs have now changed to 4 letter subject codes. Don't worry if you took a class when it had an older code or different number, it still counts towards your degree! (But if you took it more than 4 years ago, check with an advisor).

Here are some new subject codes:

  • CA/CMAP web and gaming classes are now TECH.
  • GD and CG classes are now GDES
  • CS classes are now CMSC
  • CA/CMAP/TECH 125 is merging with GDES 140 and the resulting class will keep the name GDES 140.
  • Here is a full list of subject code coversions

Some course numbers have also changed:

  • CG 210 is now GDES 140 
  • CG 222 is now GDES 240
  • CG 226 is now GDES 242
  • CA 125 is now GDES 140
  • CA 195 is now TECH 290 
  • CS 261 is now CMSC 234, and we have additional new mobile programming classes (CMSC 237, CMSC 240)
  • Other numbers may have also changed, so read the course descriptions for notes on old names and numbers.

Yes, it is confusing! But we can help you figure it out. The college is in the middle of transitioning to the new names/numbers, so the information may not be fully updated across the MC catalog and website yet. Bear with us!

There are also changes afoot for many of our departments. MC has undergone a full academic reorganization to improve our programs. Starting in July,

  • Web and Gaming (TECH) programs have moved to the Media Arts & Technologies department (ground floor of the TC building).
  • Computer Science (CMSC) moved to the Engineering department.
  • Microsoft Office (CMAP) moved to the Business department.

If you have questions, please email an adviser. Gaming students can contact Prof. Solomon. Web students can contact Prof. Lizmi and Prof. Hubley. Animation and Graphic Design students can contact Prof. Hubley. Programming students can contact Prof. Webb.


Watch the movie on youtube Congratulations to MC Producer Dan Rankin for winning a local Emmy Award for this production!

GRADUATING? File your graduation form!

Many grads don't realize that to officially graduate from MC, you need to file a graduation form. This "proves" later on that you graduated from MC. Remember that ten years from now, the classes in many MC programs may have changed, especially fast-moving tech programs.Visit the "Apply for Graduation" link in MyMC.

TRANSFERING? Plan ahead to take the classes you need!

Talk to a counselor about our articulation (transfer) agreements with UB, UMUC, and other local universities. Read more about transferring.


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