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Montgomery College Learning Community Program


What is a Learning Community?

In a Learning Community or Paired Course, you take two different classes with a shared theme and often shared assignments. Students really get to know each other and their professors well. The Paired Courses are integrated, so the material in each class reinforces the other and enhances learning. The result is a learning community where students and faculty help each other learn, grow, and succeed. 

Various configurations possible: face-to-face, DL, Z-degree, or hybrid!

Students in Learning Communities are more likely to:

  • Pass courses
  • Earn good grades
  • Save money on books and materials
  • Continue in college
  • Practice team-building, an important skill
  • Understand the relationships and transfer knowledge between subject areas
  • Really connect with faculty and classmates

Students: Check out upcoming learning communities by clicking on "Which Courses Do I Take?" in the left menu.

Faculty: If you are interested in learning more about learning communities, please contact Learning Communities Coordinator Marcia Bronstein at the Takoma-Park Campus, at 240-567-1369 or email You may also contact Learning Communities Coordinator Leah Sneider at the Rockville Campus, at 240-567-4354, or email



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