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Office of the Vice President and Provost - Rockville Campus

Office of the Vice President and Provost

Collegewide ABEESS (Arts, Business, Education, English and Social Science) Unit and Rockville Campus

Rockville Campus Operations Team

Interim Vice President & Provost Joan M. Naake
Assistant to the Vice President & Provost Jacquelyn Moffi
Collegewide Dean of Student Success and Rockville Student Services Tonya Mason, Ph.D.
Collegewide Dean, Education and Social Sciences Darrin Campen, Ph.D.
Collegewide Dean, Science, Engineering, and Technology Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D.
Instructional Dean, Business, Information Sciences and Hospitality Management Katherine Michaelian
Acting Collegewide Dean of Art David Phillips
Acting Collegewide Dean, English and Reading Rodney W. Redmond, Ph.D.
Collegewide Dean, Applied Technology and Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education Edward J. Roberts
Interim Associate Dean of Student Development Debra Bright, Ed.D.
Director of the Arts Institute Associate Dean for the Arts David Phillips
Manager, Part-time Faculty Resource Center Cathy Galasso-Schwartz
Campus Council Chair Steve Taylor
Campus Director of Facilities Mark Carmody, Ph.D.
Campus Director of Security Tara Nelson
Campus Director of Financial Aid Judith Taylor
Campus Registrar Eunice Akitobi
Campus Director of Library Tanner Wray
Campus Student Life Director Mary Sierra
Campus Office Space Cathy Galasso-Schwartz
Enrollment Management  
Campus Chair of Chairs  

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