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April 2014, issue 7, volume 1:            The Promises of Governance          Council Updates           Calendar 

Governance Connections Newsletter for 2013-14

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Photo of Dr. Tacy Holliday, Governance Coordinator
Tacy Holliday, PhD,
MC Class of '03 and '10
Governance Coordinator

The Promises  of Governance: Transparent & Evolving Process– Elections


"It’s official…the votes are in."

–Various Authors

This year, we had a record number of people who voted in the general elections:  2091 people, almost 700 more than the previous year. Thank you to each of you for taking the time to vote!

I want to thank the Nominations and Elections Committee, Julie Foster (chair), Loren Carter, Sharon Kauffman, and Sue Riedel for their efforts along with those who collected and verified data needed to create and customize ballots, Scott Burnett, Elaine Doong, Tammy Flowers, Denise Lee, and Moeen Taj. I also want to thank Debbie Crutchfield, Kima Earl, Tasha Jackson, and Antonio Vidal for volunteering to make phone calls to invite colleagues to vote.

A memo from my office on April 8, 2014 listed the newly elected council members. Congratulations to each of them! You can view a list of new and returning council members for 2014-2015 by visiting:

Because elections are designed to have a transparent process, I also want to notify you of another election that has taken place, that of the College Council Chair. Per the current bylaws, the College Council elects the Chair from its current membership for the following year prior to the general election. This change to the bylaws was made to ensure that the College Council Chair had time to prepare for the role and to ensure that the person in this role had some experience serving on the College Council already. Congratulations to Sharon Fechter, who was elected to serve in this capacity for 2014-2015. The remaining officers for each council will be elected by the 2014-2015 membership on or before May 6. For a list of dates and times, you can view the governance calendar:

Student Council Members Speaking at an Operational Services Council Meeting in 2014

Although this year of governance is drawing to a close, there is much left to do. All the councils are working hard to ensure that they finish any remaining business, write their annual reports, and leave the work in good shape for next year. You can find the latest highlights in this issue, as usual. Next month, we will visit the last promise of governance: Governance is designed to be an evolving process. 

If you are interested in learning more about governance, I invite you to visit the governance webpage or attend a council meeting. If you have a question, feel free to contact me. 


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Council Updates

Adminstrator Council

The Administrator Council meets the first Thursday of each month. At the March meeting, the Council heard an update on academic restructuring from the Interim Associate Sr. VP for Academic Affairs, and an update from the Interim VP/CIO, Office of Information Technology. At the request of the Governance Coordinator, the Council also began to review the structure of Administrator Council seats for college-wide representation in 2015 election cycle.

At the April meeting, the Council heard an update on the Libraries from the Director of Library Services. The Council also finalized the recommendation on the structure of the Council and has forwarded this information to the Governance Coordinator.

Employee Services Council

The Employee Services Council has had a busy few months and is working on several issues old and new. The newest is the constituent concern brought to the committee about the need for an Employee Code of Conduct to be developed. The council has created a subcommittee to address this need and a charge for that group is pending. 

Work on the issue of “staggered openings” has begun. When the College has a delayed opening due to weather or other issues, currently students and employees all arrive at the same announced opening time, which leads to traffic and parking congestion and means actually having classes start at the opening time is often complicated as preparations are not yet in place for students due to the delays. The ESC will be working with other governance councils on this issue for input and looks forward to bringing this issue forward. 

Additional feedback was provided for the subject of the e-cigarette use and the issue of minors on campus.  The council looks forward to further participation and input to be provided on those issues if so requested. 

The council is also working on input for the Governance Workload Survey scheduled to go out to both past and present governance participants mid- April. The feedback from this survey will help to improve the structure of governance operations and address concerns experienced from governance’s first two years. 


Operational Services Council

In March, the Operational Services Council had a packed meeting, having to absorb some presentations that had been scheduled for February but were lost because of a snow day closure.

• Dr. Margaret Latimer, Acting VP and Provost at Germantown, provided a report on operational services on the Germantown campus

• Currently, there are no major issues.  However, the Germantown campus is undergoing significant change, with the imminent opening of the Bioscience building and the Holy Cross hospital, as well as possible use of the Germantown Life Sciences Center as a conference facility.  These may alter traffic and parking patterns.

• The Bioscience building will provide some needed space.  Chemistry, Biology, and Biotech classes will be provided in collaboration with UMBC.

• The Germantown cafeteria is scheduled for an upgrade, while the Germantown bookstore needs more space.

• Bob Williams, the Chartwells Food Services Director, provided an overview on food services on all campuses:

• The new dining contract started in July 2013.  Services include dining, concessions, and  catering, and there are executive chefs on each campus.  Beer and wine concessions are part of the new July 2013 contract.

• Each campus has a different character:  Germantown has international food and small oven and premade pizza crusts, TP/SS has Latin food and fresh pizza dough crust, and Rockville also has fresh dough pizza crusts.  Austin Grille replaced Jerry’s Pizza for more reasonable pricing and more choices.  The Germantown pizza crust has improved in recent months with updated ovens.

• Prices are standard or comparable across campuses.  Each campus has a Student Life Menu at discount prices for student clubs.  Campus clubs can purchase pre-packaged food from other vendors for up to $100.

• The form to authorize a student club food order is not standard across campuses.  Auxiliary Services will work to implement a standard form.

• Mr. Williams will be scheduled to address the Student Council.

• Tanner Wray, Director of College Libraries and Information Services, and Nancy Foster, Director of Anthropological Research for University of Rochester River Campus, provided an update on the libraries:

• The Rockville and Takoma Park libraries have recently undergone refurbishing to include new paint and carpet.  The Germantown library will be refurbished within a year.

• An ethnology study (qualitative observation method of social practices and interactions) is upcoming to collect valuable information on stakeholder patterns of use, targets for growth , and areas of needed development for the libraries.  The first ethnology study will take place on the Rockville Campus.

• Robert Preston, VP of Audit and Business Process Management (ABPM), provided an update on his group’s activities:

• ABPM has been filling staff positions, including a new auditor.

• Projects undertaken in FY2014 include FLAC (rolled out in January), HRDE recruiting, on boarding and paying (PAF) (in progress), and OBS grant accounting (in progress).

• The OSC also reviewed proposed Policies and Procedures and forwarded suggestions and comments to Dr. Steve Cain, Chief of Staff on the following subjects:

• E-cigarettes, recommending that they be included under the current tobacco products policy;

• The P&P glossary;

• The proposed Fraud Reporting policy and procedure.

Rockville Campus Council

The Rockville Campus Council provides advice and recommendations regarding campus-related concerns as well as campus and academic initiatives for further consideration and/or action. These items are forwarded to the campus vice president and provost, the College Council, or other councils, as appropriate, .  The Rockville Campus Council meets the first Tuesday of every month on the Rockville Campus in the Provost Conference room located in MT 103. Our last meeting of the academic year will be held May 6.  On April 9 we hosted a viewing of Dr. Pollard’s State of the College Address on the Rockville Campus.  At our last meeting we received an update concerning the new WEPA contract.

Staff Council

The Staff Council plans to elect new officers at their upcoming meeting on April 17th   to be held in the Student Services Building, Room 301, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. The Staff Council Executive Committee is finalizing a transition document to familiarize the new incoming officers with their responsibilities. On May 1, the Staff Council Chair will release the yearly tracking document that list the concerns and informational items received during the past year. Please note that the Staff Enrichment Day has moved from Monday, May 19thto Thursday, May 22, on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus. Exciting workshops are being planned for this year’s theme: Wellness 360: Earth/Water/Fire/Air.  For additional information and volunteer opportunities, please contact Chiquita Manago or Priscilla Walker, co-chairs of the event. This is such a great event, and the committee would love your help! 


Student Services and Success Council

This month the Student Services & Success Council was the first council to elect its 2014-2015 officers: Ernest Cartledge (Chair), Tracee Mathias (Vice Chair), and Charmaine Weston (Secretary). The council also considered ways to help the student voice be heard in governance, including changes that may need to be made in bylaws to help include students with late-starting classes get involved in the governance system. Additionally, the council considered ways to support the efforts of a committee looking at creating Serenity Spaces on each campus.                        


Workforce Development & Continuing Education Council

March-April Highlights

The major agenda item for the April 1 meeting was a discussion with HRDE representative, Jason Rivera, on the Talent Management System (aka Taleo) profile concerns. The document detailing these concerns was reviewed on a point-by-point basis with Jason providing feedback. Much of the conversation centered on the omission of CPOD trainings, College service activities, awards, and recognitions in the profile resulting in incomplete comparisons for equity reviews. Jason will share these concerns with Nadine Porter and other HRDE staff. He also clarified the difference between equity, performance, and classification reviews.

The council reviewed the revised eligibility criteria for governance participation by WD&CE faculty and students.  Some council members thought the student requirement of 45 non-credit class hours was too high. A subcommittee was formed to re-consider these criteria.  


MC Governance

In addition to these newsletter reports, all 12 councils and the College Council post minutes detailing the discussion items that occurred in each public meeting. Click on any of the menu links to your left to see the minutes from each council! 

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