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March 2014, issue 6, volume 1:            The Promises of Governance          Council Updates           Calendar 

Governance Connections Newsletter for 2013-14

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Photo of Dr. Tacy Holliday, Governance Coordinator
Tacy Holliday, PhD,
MC Class of '03 and '10
Governance Coordinator

Photo of Bunny Bart, Student Representative, Workforce Developement & Continuing Education Council
Bunny Bart,
Student Representative,
Workforce Developement & Continuing Education Council

The Promises  of Governance:  Representing You to Leadership


"Know Governance. Know Representation. No Governance. No Representation."

–WD&CE Council Slogan

All of the Councils play a role in representing you, your colleagues, and/or students to College leadership, so make sure to vote in the upcoming election. Simply go to during the election period, March 25-April 4, and cast your vote.

  Your vote counts!  Montgomery College Governance_  Vote online March 25 - April 4

Need more information? Visit the governance website home page: or contact me.

Last month, I featured an update from the Student Council. This month, I want to tell you more about the Workforce Development & Continuing Education (WD&CE) Council. The WD&CE Council, chaired by Annell Bond, brings together students, faculty, staff and administrators to examine issues of importance to WD&CE and the College. 

A few of the many ways the Council has represented constituents include (a) responding to a constituent request by gathering information about the Taleo profile, including what types of professional development could or should be included, (b) providing feedback to the Chief of Staff about how the College could respond to the issue of e-cigarettes, and (c) helping students participate in governance. 

The WD&CE Council’s efforts to help constituents get to know council members and governance have been especially notable. During the fall semester, the Council hosted a picnic that featured one of the best games of Jeopardy I have ever seen. Kenneth Nelson, Council secretary, played an unforgettable Alex Trebek, and all of the topics were about governance. There was also a contest to create and select the Council’s slogan. This semester, the Council’s marketing efforts led to several students attending the governance brown bag lunch/information sessions to learn how they could join a council next year. Additionally, one of the WD&CE Council student representatives, Bunny Bart, wrote about the value of being involved in governance:

Know Your Representatives

A funny thing happened on my way to a WD&CE computer class last spring. My phone rang with a number I did not recognize and normally would not have answered but for some strange reason I did and I am so glad. There was a nice gentleman on th line who asked me if I had seen the email letting me know that I had been nominated to a Student Representative position on the WD&CE Council -- I had not -- and if I was interested. Now here comes the embarrassing admittance that I had NOT see the email, because I am a low-tech oldie -- I still read BOOKS -- and note I was on my way to a computer class. However, this gentleman explained what was involved -- mostly 1 monthly Council meeting September - June. I figured I could handle that so when he asked if I was interested, I said yes.

This began a fascinating adventure into how Montgomery College has very specific Councils for EACH segment of the school so constituents have a specific place they know they can take their concerns and get a response.  There is, of course, the main College Council made up of the Chairs from each specific Council and this is where a constituent’s concern can be taken from the individual Councils if needed.  Many times that is not required, and it feels good to know your concern is not being thrown into such a huge pot!  I -- somewhat nervously -- entered the WD&CE meeting room for my first Council meeting and was warmly welcomed by everyone, faculty, staff, and administrators alike. When the meeting was called to order and I was introduced I asked if this was the place for a WD&CE student to bring a concern because, if so, I had one -- I had a lot of gall didn’t I?  They listened -- turned out others had the same concern also -- and by the next meeting they reported that it had been taken care of.  So it has been an interesting journey where I have gotten to participate in some Montgomery College events, met a LOT of nice people on all campuses, and tried to be helpful to this Council as we worked to make this small part of the big Montgomery College world the best it can be.

I strongly encourage other students at MC to get involved in the various Governance Councils and bring forward a “student perspective” on the issues and concerns being addressed.  And “Thank You” to all my WD&CE colleagues who have made this such an enriching journey!

To learn more about how councils represent you, you can attend a meeting, visit the governance website or review the council highlights contained in each edition of Governance Connections.


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Council Updates

Academic Services Council

The Academic Services Council has been focusing on several topics this winter, including WEPA, library services, quiet study space options for students collegewide, and changes in the winter session schedule. 
This winter, the Academic Services Council will obtain more information about WEPA and the Instructional Materials Affordability and Accessibility Guidelines. The Council met in February with the Director of College Libraries and Information Services, and the campus Library Directors, who provided council members with information about library services, as well as  an opportunity to discuss constituent concerns. 
The Council encourages members of the College community to join us this spring at an upcoming meeting. We are planning a “meet and greet”  outreach reception before our meeting on Thursday, April 24 at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. We also hosted a reception at the Gaithersburg Training Center in February and are hosting a reception at the Germantown Campus in March.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council has had three meetings this semester.  The Council continues to receive and fill committee assignments as requested.  The Council has staffed 10 committees including the General Education Transform and Restructure Committee, the Online Catalog Implementation Committee, the Late Registration Implementation Committee, the Advising Committee, the Calendar Committee, and the Academic Appeals Committee. The Council also named a focus group for Work Group E within Academic Restructuring. Page Whittenburg was confirmed as the newly elected Chair of the Curriculum Committee.  Harry Zarin was confirmed as the Council Secretary replacing Corey Newman who had to resign from the Council due to a course scheduling conflict.
A motion was adopted by the Council regarding a statement to be included on all college syllabi:

Important Information Link
In addition to course requirements and objectives that are in this syllabus, Montgomery College has information on its web site (see link below) to assist you in having a successful experience both inside and outside of the classroom. It is important that you read and understand this information. The link below provides information and other resources to areas that pertain to the following: student behavior (student code of conduct), student e-mail, the tobacco free policy, withdraw and refund dates, disability support services, veteran services, how to access information on delayed openings and closings, how to register for the Montgomery College Alert System, and finally, how closings and delays can impact your classes. If you have any questions, please ask your professor. As rules and regulations change, they will be updated and you will be able to access them through this link.  If any student would like a written copy of these policies and procedures, your professor will be happy to provide them. By registering and remaining in this class, you acknowledge and accept these policies.

Additional information regarding the above mentioned motion will be forthcoming.


Germantown Council

The Germantown Campus Council had a timely and relevant discussion about safety and security on campus  at its March meeting.  Other topics included Chartwells catering (informational presentation), honoring our PT faculty, and governance procedures and elections.  We will hold two meetings in April (the second for officer elections).  Consider coming to the next meeting.   


Operational Services Council

Because of a weather-related closure, the Operational Services Council was unable to meet in February.  Presentations and activities planned for that month have been rescheduled for future meetings.

Staff Council

The Staff Council is moving forward with the planning of Staff Enrichment Day (SED). SED is scheduled for Monday, May 19, 2014 at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. Priscilla Walker ( and Chiquita Manago ( are co chairs of the planning committee that makes this day possible. The committee is looking for volunteers and workshop proposals. Please contact the co-chairs for ways to volunteer, help with the planning of this event, additional information about proposal due dates, and/or other ways to get involved.

At our last Staff Council meeting we discussed the Taleo system, staff eligibility to participate in governance, and the upcoming election of officers. Staff members are encouraged to contact Staff Council with any questions or concerns at


Workforce Development & Continuing Education Council

February-March Highlights

In an effort to increase participation by WD&CE students, the council distributed a governance elections flyer, designed by Beth Mole, which was targeted to WD&CE students. The flyers were posted in the WD&CE customer service areas, classrooms and also distributed electronically to program staff for further circulation . The Taleo Profile Concerns document, developed by the WD&CE council, was presented to the College Council in February meetings and to the Staff Council in March. Feedback from other councils was also received by e-mail. These discussions will be consolidated into one document for presentation to HR with an invitation to discuss these concerns. In March, the council discussed the use of e-cigarettes on campus and sent recommendations to Dr. Cain regarding a policy. Most members thought e-cigarettes should not be allowed on campus although this recommendation was not unanimous. Also in March, the council considered revisions to the eligibility requirements for WD&CE students and faculty who wish to serve in governance positions. 

MC Governance

In addition to these newsletter reports, all 12 councils and the College Council post minutes detailing the discussion items that occurred in each public meeting. Click on any of the menu links to your left to see the minutes from each council! 

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