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January/February 2014, issue 5, volume 1:            The Promises of Governance          Council Updates           Calendar 

Governance Connections Newsletter for 2013-14

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Photo of Dr. Tacy Holliday, Governance Coordinator
Tacy Holliday, PhD,
MC Class of '03 and '10
Governance Coordinator

The Promises  of Governance:  Every Voice Matters


"Raise Issues. Resolve Problems.Take Action.’"

–Student Council Slogan

Happy New Year! In the December governance newsletter, I invited you to share how you wanted to be informed about governance updates. Thank you for taking the time to respond. One person mentioned in the survey how he/she would like the College to keep hard copies of the governance newsletter at the campus libraries, so students or employees without easy access to e-mail can still read GovernanceConnections. The libraries have agreed to help. Another person suggested that we find ways for individuals to subscribe to specific types of updates. The College Council’s Communication Committee is looking into this option for the future.

I believe that every voice and every council in governance matters. I want to take an opportunity to highlight the voice of the Student Council. Meghan Garvey, chair of the Student Council, sent me the following news item about her council, which I am pleased to share it with all of you:

“One of the Student Council’s goals is to raise student awareness about governance. We have an active social media presence on Twitter (@MCStudCo) and Facebook (Student Council Montgomery College). We have created an ‘elevator speech’ to help begin the conversation with other students and have cards with our council slogan ‘Raise Issues. Resolve Problems. Take Action’ to hand to classmates and friends. We have had some students who are not part of the council attend meetings and express interest in helping. We have also sent representatives to the Employee Services Council, and we are working to help other councils connect with students. We have reached out to the campus-based Student Senates and student leaders in the Offices of Student Life. The Student Senates share updates from the Student Council on a regular basis. The council’s second goal has been to share the voices of students with leadership. We are proud to have met with the Board of Trustees at a special constituent dinner. The council has also given feedback on a number of College initiatives including WEPA printing, Auxiliary Services’ food services contract, late registration implementation, and Wi-Fi connectivity. In the upcoming semester, the Student Council is excited to begin visiting different campuses, increasing the student voice, and making a difference.”

The Student Council meets on the first and third Thursday of the month beginning at 3:30 p.m. in the Mannakee Central Services Building, Room 335. I invite you to visit their council if you have a chance.

Student Council at BOT Meeting

MC Governance Student Council

One of the ways you use your voice is to participate in the nominations and elections cycle that takes place each spring semester. This year the calendar for nominations and elections is as follows:

  Your vote counts!  Montgomery College Governance_  Vote online March 25 - April 4

  • Nominations: February 17–February 26
  • Elections: March 25–April 4 after Spring Break

Go to to nominate and again to vote during the dates listed above.

Need more information? Visit the governance website home page: or contact me.

I wish you a safe and happy start to the spring semester.


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Council Updates

Administrator Council

The Administrator Council holds its monthly meeting the first Thursday of each month from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the Mannakee Central Services Building, Board of Trustees Room. At the January 2, 2014 Council meeting, members heard a guest presentation from Nadine Porter, vice president of human resources, development, and engagement. The council also welcomed its new member, Dr. Tonya Mason, associate dean of student services at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. She fills the seat of outgoing council member Dr. Debra Bright, who diligently served on the council during her role as acting associate dean of student services on the Rockville Campus. Back in December, the Administrator Council members enjoyed participating in a special conversation with the Board of Trustees.


Germantown Council

The Germantown Campus Council has been discussing emergency management on campus, and devoted the February meeting to Academic Restructuring.  The next meeting is March 4.  Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to attend.  


Operational Services Council

In 2014, theOperational Services Council (OSC) is focusing on getting leadership andstudent perspectives into College operations. At its January meeting, theOperational Services Council heard several presentations from differentperspectives on operations at the College:

  • The Student Council discussed some issues, including the new sign-out process in College libraries (where there is not enough time or notice that the time is about to expire), the quality, variety, cost of food at CaféMC, the ability to share a parking pass among cars, the need to promote the MC Books & More online book exchange “marketplace”, and more information on security issues on campus.

  • Dr. Judy E. Ackerman, the Rockville provost, shared some successes in operations, including the response to the fire in the Humanities building, the opening of the new Science Building addition, and the implementation of new labs in that building.  She noted uneven service and products in the cafeteria, and suggested more collaboration when selecting standard products (such as chairs) and care in scheduling activities that impact academic needs.

  • Nadine Porter, vice president for human resources, development, and engagement, provided a presentation on Office of Human Resources, Development, and Engagement priorities and accomplishments.  She provided information on making the College a destination employer and an update on the development and implementation of the talent management process.


At its Februarymeeting, the Operational Services Council will hear several interestingpresentations including:

  • Bob Preston, Vice President of Audit and Business Process Management, will provide an update on numerous initiatives to improve operations at the College.
  • Tanner Wray, Director of College Libraries and Information Services, will talk about ethnography and participatory Design in the libraries.
  • Christopher Moy, Director of ADA Compliance, will discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act and activities within the College to provide accommodations.


Staff Council

The Staff Council continues to actively engage in all areas of the college that directly affect the staff.  We continue to ask questions, provide information, advocate and monitor College decisions that directly affect our staff. We endeavor to maintain transparency, consistency, and representation of staff interests in all College conversations. At our recent meeting, we discussed the academic restructuring and encouraged all staff to review the website and provide comments.  Staff has an opportunity to voice their feedback on a major organizational change to this institution. Staff are reminded to review and submit an equity review, when applicable. The Staff Council welcomed Linda Hickey who gave a FY15 Budget Overview presentation. We paid special attention to the type of requests for new staff positions in the budget.  The Staff Enrichment Day Committee is meeting and moving forward with plans for the Staff Enrichment Day. Contact Priscilla Walker, chair of the Staff Enrichment Day Committee at to help with committee planning and/or to address any questions. Staff Enrichment Day happens because of VOLUNTEERS.  Get involved, make new friends, and be an important part of a major event at the college.  If not you – who? For additional details about Staff Council, view our newsletter on the Staff Council Website at:

In January, Montgomery College President Dr. DeRionne Pollard asked the Staff Council to compose a “Fear of Reprisal” statement. This is in an effort to address our constituents who have been concerned about backlash in their work units due to their involvement within the governance system, either as a participant, or as a constituent coming forward with a workplace concern.  A draft document is in the process of being reviewed by the Staff Council. Once approved, it will go before the College Council for review. The Staff Council will recommend that this statement be included in the governance handbook, on the governance website, in the governance policy and procedures, and be included in an annual collegewide communication.

Dr. Janet Wormack, interim senior vice president for administrative and fiscal services, and Nadine Porter, vice president of human resources, development, and engagement, spoke to the Staff Council during its December 5 meeting. A number of prepared questions were addressed and discussed. The meeting was informative and cordial. Sarah Espinosa, college ombuds, gave an update on her position at the College. 

The council will be holding a number of important discussions at their spring semester meetings, including the following:

  • A review of the government system as part of the new hire orientation
  • The preparation of position descriptions for key Staff Council positions in preparation for elections
  • A review of the College’s current EAP policy
  • An analysis of the Welcome Centers, including their cost, success, and additional staffing needs
  • An assessment of the budget – how many new staff positions are being requested?
  • A review of the College’s Academic Restructuring to determine its effect on staff


Workforce Development & Continuing Education Council

The WD&CE Council invited Carlo Sanchez and Alice Boatman to the January meeting to discuss security programs at the college and WD&CE issues in particular. Carlo reviewed new online and on-site training initiatives and Alice discussed emergency preparedness plans.  Council members voiced the need for staff to be aware of existing emergency plans and responsible persons.  In February the Council heard a report from George Payne on the Academic Redesign.

The Council reviewed their 5 Annual Goals.  The first three goals are related to representing and encouraging participation by our three constituencies: students, faculty and staff.  We noted that although inroads have been made with the faculty and staff, we need to increase our efforts for students.  To this end we decided to develop governance information flyers for distribution to students; and also request that WD&CE faculty identity or nominate students for council positions. Ray Kimball volunteered to recruit students from the TechLeap Program.

The fourth goal, to improve communications within WD&CE, was considered largely met with the completion of the online WD&CE communications survey and report; presented by Rick Morrow as the chair of the WD&CE communication sub-committee.

Work on the defining and implementing the fifth goal, procedures for responding to constituent concerns, continued through the January and February meetings. In consideration of the timeliness component of this task we decided to finish our deliberations on a constituent concern raised regarding the Taleo Profile and forward these concerns to the College Council.

MC Governance

In addition to these newsletter reports, all 12 councils and the College Council post minutes detailing the discussion items that occurred in each public meeting. Click on any of the menu links to your left to see the minutes from each council! 

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