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Construction News

Germantown Bookstore Renovations to Begin October 24, 2016

Drawing of Bookstore Rennovations

MC Campus Stores, managed by Follett, are being renovated! The renovation will take approximately four weeks to complete.  Work in Germantown is scheduled to begin on October 24, 2016. The design of the new space is student-centered and student-welcoming. A student gathering space, the new design will include sitting areas and tables where students can gather to visit or work. MC Campus Stores on the Germantown Campus will physically move to a larger space in the same area. This reassignment of space frees up a larger, dedicated space for the Student Life unit to use year-round.  The store, located in the HS building, will remain open during the renovations.

UPDATE:  The contractor anticipates completing work by December 16, 2016. Updated: 12/05/16


Gateway Signage (Corner of 118 and Observation Drive)

The roadway work required in preparation for the new LED gateway signage was completed before the fall semester started. Crews are finishing work on the wall on the East side of the roadway and have begun demolition on the West side of the roadway. Installation of the LED signage is expected to be completed by the end of the year.  Updated 09/16/16.

Science and Applied Studies Building Renovations Architectural Drawing of Proposed SA Building

The Science and Applied Studies Building will be renovated and another floor added starting in the spring of 2016. The south side of the building will be demolished except for the exterior framework and new space will be constructed for Astronomy, Geology, Engineering, Landscape Technology, Physical Science, Physics, etc. (i.e. all of the sciences that could not be accommodated in the Bioscience Education Center.  There will be a new and expanded Math Accounting Physics Engineering Learning (MAPEL) Center, a small office suite for science faculty, lounge spaces and two (2) new elevators.  These changes will take place in Phase One of the project. Before work can begin on Phase One, however, Phase Zero must be completed.  

Phase Zero: Phase Zero is the term used to describe the consolidation of all occupants in the building on both floors of the north side. This isolates and protects the occupants during the renovation of the south side of the building. This phase has now been completed.

Phase One: MC has now received the notice to proceed with construction.  Hess Construction has completed its staging for construction and has begun demolition of areas to be renovated. The asbestos floor tile and adhesive in the theater classrooms and associated projection booths (rooms 104 and 162) is being removed by Barco Enterprises. Hess has most recently constructed a fire wall between the occupied and unoccupied portions of the building to protect the occupants and decrease construction noise. They have also constructed a passage to the back of the building so that contractors will not have to enter through the front door of the building.

As a result of the construction and staging, access to the campus from Lot #4 has been rerouted. Follow the signs around the construction barriers.  ADA access from Lot #4 to the campus is through the High Technology and Science Building (first floor), up the elevator to the second floor, and out the front door to the sidewalks.  You will also notice that a portion of Lot #4 has been designated for contractors' equipment and has been fenced off appropriately.  New signs have gone up at the intersection of Middlebrook and Observation Drive to direct construction deliveries appropriately, and reserved parking signage has been placed along the loop road south of BE. Again, contractors will be parking their vehicles in this area.

After winter break, we will start seeing cranes on the campus as steel construction for the second and third floor begins.

Please exercise extreme caution as you make your way around the campus.  Slow down, stay alert, and be sure to obey any temporary signage and other safety instructions that may appear from time to time.
SA is projected to be opened for classes in the spring of 2019.

Updated 11/22/16


PG Building Undergoing Renovations During Fall 2016 Semester

The PG Building will remain open while construction is ongoing.  Crews will be completing extensive repairs to the exterior of the building including windows, doors, insulation, and exterior wall coatings. Although these repairs will not change the overall look of the building, they will strengthen the structure and cause PG to be a much more energy efficient building.

Due to construction at the PG building, a temporary pedestrian walkway has been constructed to replace the sidewalk behind PG that leads to the High Technology & Science Center (HT).  Also, the traffic pattern for the road that leads from Parking Lot #5 (behind PG) to Parking Lot #4 (Behind HT/BE) has been temporarily modified for one-way traffic only.

As with all construction on campus please obey any temporary signage and other safety instructions that may appear from time to time.

Updated 09/22/16




For the Facilities Master Plan see the Planning, Design and Construction website.

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