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Office of the Vice President & Provost

Collegewide STEM Unit and Germantown Campus

Special Programs

Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia Speaker Series 
ATHENAEUM SYMPOSIA NAMED IN HONOR OF FRANK ISLAM - Frank Islam is the Chairman and CEO of the FI Investment Group LLL (FIIG), an investment firm he founded in 2007 after he sold his information technology company QSS Group for $300 million. A noted philanthropist, entrepreneur, and author, Islam has generously provided a grant to Montgomery College to support the 2013-2014 Athenaeum Symposia. For more information please Click Here.


Chautauqua (shuh taw kwa) was named for the Chautauqua Lake area of New York State. Since 1976 Chautauqua is a humanities program in which scholars assume the costume and character of historical figures. As a humanities program, the first-person historical characterization meets three criteria. First, the scholar presents a monologue based on the biography, the ideas, and the writings of his/her character, with emphasis on history and intellectual exploration. The Chautauquan takes audience questions in character. The scholar answers the questions using the ideas and, if possible, the actual language of the historical character. At the end of the program the scholar comes out of character to provide historical context and to take more questions from the audience.

Renaissance Scholars
Renaissance Scholars is a selective honors program offered in the evenings and on the weekends at the Germantown campus and at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus. The mission of the Renaissance Scholars Honors Program is to create a learning community for high-achieving and highly motivated part-time and full-time students.  This learning community  provides both students and faculty the opportunity to learn from one another in a unique interdisciplinary format.  Because the program is offered in the evenings and on weekends, it provides special educational opportunities for a population of students that is all too often underserved.


The Spectrum Lecture Series
The Spectrum Lecture Series is a science-oriented lecture series aimed at a non-scientific audience. Typically, there are three to four lectures per academic year on a variety of science topics.

Hillman Entrepreneurs

The Hillman Entrepreneurs Program is a scholarship and educational program. The goal is to support, develop, and graduate ethical leaders who want to energize and give back to their local communities.  Open to all transferable majors starting at Montgomery College and finishing at the University of Maryland, College Park.


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