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1. Early Placement (EP) students are subject to all Policies and Procedures as well as Academic Regulations and Standards of Montgomery College.

2. The College reserves the right to make the final decision on admission. Final decisions will rest with the Chief Enrollment Services and Financial Aid Officer or designee in accordance with the policy, guidelines, and procedures for admissions.

3. EP students are eligible to take most college level courses for which they qualify. EP Students must meet the prerequisite requirement and assessment level(s) for each enrolled credit-bearing course. EP students may not enroll in developmental courses or courses that combine developmental and college level work. EP students must test beyond Pathways (53+ ACCU Reading) to be eligible to take any college courses.

4. Early placement students may enroll in two (2) courses or up to seven (7) credits each term, during fall and spring semesters and one (1) course during each summer session.

5. Students are responsible for paying all required MC tuition & fees and purchasing any required textbooks, materials and supplies associated with their registered course(s).

6. Students under age 16, together with their parent/ guardian, must first meet with a Dean of Student Services before submitting the admission application, taking the assessment test, or meeting with an Academic Coordinator. Students must submit the required documentation, including their most recent transcript, prior to the meeting but no later than two weeks before the start of the semester or summer session.

7. All Early Placement students seeking any accommodations for assessment testing or a college course must be registered through MC’s Disability Support Services. Documentation should be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to testing and/or the start of the semester in order to ensure timely services.

8. Earned college credit may be used to fulfill the credit requirement for the HS diploma, as outlined by the Maryland Department of Education (COMAR 13A.03.02.05). Principal’s approval must be obtained prior to the start of each semester.

9. Continued eligibility to participate in the Early Placement Program is contingent upon successful completion with a minimum grade of "C" or better in previous college course(s). Students who withdraw with a "W" on their transcript may be ineligible for future participation. Students must continue to meet the Early Placement standards including maintaining the appropriate GPA. Students must also satisfy all financial obligations to MC and MCPS (if appropriate) prior to enrollment.

10. Students MUST submit an Early Placement Form with appropriate signatures for each semester they intend to take college courses.



Students are individually responsible for all required tuition, fees and textbook expenses. Non-attendance does not relieve a student from this financial responsibility.  Click HERE for general information on college tuition and fees.

MCPS and other Maryland Public School Students: 

Under the Maryland Senate Bill (SB) 740: The College Readiness and Completion Act,  Early Placement students enrolled in Maryland public high schools are not charged tuition for their college courses at MC.  However, students are responsible for all Montgomery College fees and textbooks associated with the college course.  Additionally, students without demonstrated financial need will be charged a fee by their Local Educational Agency (LEA) , which will also appear on the MC bill and is collected on behalf of MCPS or other Maryland public schools.  The total cost of all MC and LEA fees is less than the regular cost of MC tuition and fees.   Click HERE for more information on the College Readiness and Completion Act

WAYS TO PAY for MCPS and other Maryland public school students.

Homeschooled, Private and Out of State Residents:

All non-Maryland state public school students are required to pay the regular rate of tuition and fees based on residency status.  Students are also responsible for all required textbooks associated with the college course. 

WAYS TO PAY for non public school students.


Early Placement students are not eligible for federal financial aid. However,  students may be eligible for a High School Grant: to cover portions of required tuition and fees.  You may download the Spring 2014 High School Grant Application and instructions  by clicking HERE.

For more information about these grant programs, please contact the scholarships and grants program director at  240-567-7552 or e-mail

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