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New Fall 2017 - I meet the requirements

If you meet the requirements for Fall 2017, your next step is to complete the forms required by the law.

The following forms must be submitted to Montgomery College. The priority deadline is July 1, and the latest possible date to submit paperwork is September 15.

  1. A signed affidavit vowing to file an application to become a permanent resident within 30 days after becoming eligible to apply.
  2. If male, proof that registered for Selective Service online or at any U.S. Post Office. 
  3. Copies of your Maryland state income tax returns or the returns filed by your parents or legal guardian. This Maryland income state tax return will state Form 502 or Form 503 at the top in bold print. The tax returns must be signed by the taxpayer and must be from:
    1. Each of the three years that you attended high school,
    2. Each year that you attended community college, and
    3. Each year between high school and community college.
  4. An official copy of your high school transcript that shows your graduation from a public or nonpublic high school in Maryland. If you received a Maryland GED, both the Maryland high school transcript and a copy of your Maryland GED should be submitted.

How do I know what tax returns to submit?

Submit signed Maryland state income tax returns for the three years you attended high school, every year you attended community college, and every year between high school and college.

If you graduated from high school in 2017, you will have to submit the following years of returns to qualify for the lowest tuition rate for the fall 2016 semester:

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016


* Paperwork submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed for the fall semester, and will be deferred to the next semester.

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