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Sanjay Rai, Ph.D.


Jacksonville University

  • Jeff Woodley, Title: Modeling and Computer Simulation of Chronic Intravenous Drug Infusion for Cancer Chemotherapy, presented at NCUR-2004.
  • Kevin Moeller, Title: Analysis and Simulation Results on Cancer Chemotherapy involving Michaelis-Menten Drug Dynamics, presented at NCUR-2004.
  • Paula Risko, Title: Stability Analysis of a Differential Equation Model for Bacterial Phage and Immune System Dynamics, Spring 2003.
  • Adam Singleton, Title: Analysis of a Modified Model of b-cell mass, insulin, glucose, and receptor dynamics, a study to model Type II diabetes and its treatment, Fall 2002.
  • David Bell, Judy Holcomb, and Paula Risko, Title: A Differential Equation Model for the Bacterial Phage Dynamics, Fall 2002.
  • Brian Boucher, Title: Effects of RT and Protease Inhibitors on a Model of HIV Infection, Spring 2001.
  • Josh Kilborn, Title: A Differential Equation Model of HIV Dynamics via CD4+ T Cells, Fall 2000.
  • Nancy Eschen, Title: The Effect of RT Inhibitor on the Perelson, Kirschner, De Boer Model of HIV, Fall 2000.
  • Tom Bushaw, Title: Perelson Model with Population Constraints, Fall 2000.
  • Christina Thomas and Donna West, Title: Effect of Treatment on May and Anderson’s Microparasitic Disease Transmission Model, Spring 2001.
  • Adam Singleton, Title: Analysis of a Modified May and Anderson Model for Life Cycle Structure of Macroparasitic Disease Transmission, Spring 2001.
  • Eun Cho and Lorrie Ramirez, Title: Yellowstone Carnivore Population Dynamics (Joint Supervision with Professor Michael Nancarrow), Spring 2001.

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My students presented their research at the following conferences.

  • Poster presentations, Joint Mathematics Meetings of American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America, New Orleans, January, 2001.
  • Sectional meeting of Mathematical Association of America at Ft. Myers, March 2001.
  • NCUR (National Council of Undergraduate Research) meeting at Lexington, Kentucky, March 2001.
  • Jacksonville University Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 6, 2001.
  • Math fest, University of Wisconsin, Madison, August 2-4,2001.
  • MAA Florida Section Meeting, Jacksonville University, February 21-22, 2003.

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Texas A&M International University

  • Miguel San Miguel Gonzalez, Title: Analysis of a Model for two Competing Preys with a Predator, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS Thesis), 1997.
  • Laura Huerta, Title: Analysis of a Lotka-Volterra Continuous Model for a Community of Four Species, Senior Mathematics Project, 1995.
  • Maribel Mitsui, Title: On Knickerbocker’s Model for Wolf Population of Yellowstone Park, Senior Mathematics Project, 1999.
  • Juan Ricardo Sauceda, Title: A Disease Transmission Model with a Population of Varying Size, Senior Mathematics Project, 999.
  • James “Joe” McCarry, Title: An Aquarium, Class Project, 1999.
  • Irma B. Garcia, Title: A Model of Infectious Disease, Class Project, 1999.
  • Armando Perez, Title: A Model of Insulin and Blood-Glucose Interaction, Class Project, 1999.

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