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International Education and Study Abroad

About the Study Abroad Program

With doctors of non-traditional medicine in the village, Ngellesema, Senegal Study Abroad has been a part of Montgomery College (MC) since 1996. Formed with the International Education program, it addresses the International Education mission through five areas: Education, Extended Study Abroad, Culture, Travel, and Continuing Education.  Here are some of the ways in which the mission is met:

Long Term Study Abroad

  • Students study abroad full time to earn academic credits that are transferrable to Montgomery College and many four year colleges and universities in the United States.
  • Long term study abroad may take place for a semester, year, or summer at accredited academic institutions within 30 different countries through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS). Advising occurs through MC’s Study Abroad Coordinator who serves as the consortium’s State Representative.
  • Students must begin the application process for long term study abroad at least 6 months in advance of departure, and only after approval from the Office of Study Abroad and the Registrar; steps that are necessary prior to going abroad include registration for MC’s STBR 200: Study Abroad Program course;  students are advised on study abroad criteria, course selections, International Competency, and other pertinent information by the Study Abroad Coordinator, Academic Advisors, and a Transcript Evaluator to assure maximum academic and professional outcomes.
  • Post-program conferences are required of returning students for additional instruction, cultural re-acclimation, transcript alterations, and potential engagement in college-wide programs and service learning activities.

Short Term Study Abroad

  • Scholarship with short term study abroad is a unique experience—lectures and academic dialogue on a coach on route to a historic site, atop of a mountain or on Machu Picchu, knee deep in dirt at an archeological dig, among a busy government municipality or in Tiananmen Square—in which a “learning moment” is not to be missed; day-ending debriefing sessions further solidify lessons learned and International Competency objectives met.
  • The academic-centered short term programs abroad stretch from 10 days to three weeks in length and are available to MC students, college employees, and alumni; our students are given first priority. These programs are attached to existing MC courses, are discipline driven, and serve to further bolster the curriculum of the connected course while providing participants improved International Competency.
  • Collaboration between the Study Abroad Coordinator, Faculty co-leader(s), and international agencies, among others, allow for solid construction and implementation of short term study abroad programs; with such planning commencing a year in advance, meticulous research and design goes into the partnering courses’ curriculum, as well as the programs’ relating sites, cultural events, and academic themes.
  • Existing MC courses that have contained a study abroad option include:
    AN 101: Intro to Sociocultural Anthro
    BA 101: Intro to Business
    BI 207: Ecology
    EN 200: Special Topics in Literature
    HS 114: The World in the 20th Century
    HS 116: World History to AD 1500
    HS 117: World History 1500 to the Present
    HS 200: Special Topics in History
    Any department, at any given time, may offer a study abroad option to a course given the expertise of its faculty members, it is important to periodically review our webpage for offerings.

Service Learning

  • Service learning is an essential part of study abroad that improves International Competency—it is part of short term study abroad, often within long term study abroad, and may be a full program in itself.
  • A service learning activity abroad often serves as the impetus for continued life-long community service; it is our goal, through guidance from members of the Study Abroad Office, to assist with service learning goals and projects that are sustained through college-wide events, the local community, or abroad.

College-wide Programs and Events

  • It is not uncommon for recently completed study abroad programs to generate double-digit events on three campuses through partnerships with college organizations, clubs, and departments. 
  • Programs arise from coordinated collaboration with student clubs, college-wide organizations, conference groups, distinct writers and speakers, and friends, allowing for a medley of cultural and educational experiences. Many of the events, such as hunger banquets, silent auctions, and service learning functions, are brought forth in order to give lasting aid to our less fortunate hosts and friends abroad.

For full details about Study Abroad and International Education, please review the entire website, and consider attending a SAID (Study Abroad Information and Discussion) session held at the start of each semester.

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