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Nursing Program

Nursing Program


LPN to ADN Transition Program

Nursing Student Image_005Many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) would like to earn an Associates Degree in Nursing and become qualified to take the NCLEX exam and become a Registered Nurse. The Montgomery College Nursing Program has designed an eight credit course –the LPN Transition Course (NU 130) to ease the transition of Maryland Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) into the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program.

The course teaches specific concepts related to the practice of professional Nursing drawn from the first year of the regular ADN program. The course is intensive and consists of 7 hours of lectures and discussions, along with 14 hours of laboratory and clinical each week, for thirteen weeks.

The program begins in May during the  Montgomery College Summer Session I. Upon successful completion of NU 130, students move into the regular ADN program and join an existing, in-progress cohort for two more academic semesters. After graduating, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX exam and become licensed Registered Nurses.

LPN to ADN Admissions Process

Like the traditional Nursing Program, the admissions process for the LPN to ADN program requires that an applicant be registered as a student of Montgomery College. If an applicant is not currently a student then they must submit a Montgomery College application and registration fee to the  Office of Admissions declaring “Pre-Nursing as their major. Applicants must submit all official transcripts to the Admissions Office.  If your transcripts are from a foreign institution then they will need to be evaluated by an evaluation service.

LPN to ADN Prerequisite Course Work

The following courses are prerequisites for application to the LPN to ADN program*:

BIOL 212: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and

BIOL 213: Human Anatomy and Physiology II (completed within last five years)

ENGL 101: Introduction to College Writing CE

ENGL 102: Critical Reading, Writing, and Research or ENGL 103: Critical Reading, Writing and Research in the Work Place

MATH 110: Survey of College Mathematics - or higher level mathematics

PSYC 102: General Psychology

These courses must be completed at least one semester before the application deadline of March 1st.

Additional General Education Course Work

Additional general education courses that must be completed prior to graduation are: Microbiology (4 credits), (Arts Distribution (3 credits), Humanities Distribution (3 credits) and Sociology (3 credits). Microbiology is scheduled to be completed during the third semester of the Nursing Program. It is highly recommended that prospective LPN students complete this course prior to application.

* Documentation of completion of this course workwhether through Montgomery College or from credits transferred from a differentinstitution are to be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records andmust be received and verified prior to submission of  application. Prerequisite course work must becompleted at least one semester prior to application deadline or the studentwill be ineligible.

Test of Essential Academic Skills - TEAS Exam 

The TEAS exam is required for all application submissions to the Nursing Program. Applicants cannot be exempted from the requirement regardless of factors like educational background, prior course work, grade point average, or existing degrees. The exam must be taken before an application is submitted. The minimum recommended score requirements are:

Reading 70%

Adjusted Individual Total Score: 66%

Applicants who exceed the minimum score requirements are more competitive. For comprehensive information on the TEAS exam, including registration, tutoring and, Academic Support Centers, please visit the web page for the TEAS exam.        

Additional Requirements

All applicants must submit a written letter of recommendation from their current supervisor.  The letter must discuss and verify employment in the role of LPN for at least 1 year at a hospital or long-term care facility. Additionally, LPNs must submit a copy of their Maryland or Compact State LPN license.

Application deadline for the LPN to ADN Transition Program and the Military Medic/Corpsman to ADN Option is always March 1st.

We recommend that potential students interested in the LPN to ADN Transition Program attend a  Nursing Information Session .

For additional and more specific information about the program please contact Professor Dianna Matthews:


Telephone: 240-567-5552


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