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College Diversity Plan Committee

Office of Equity and Diversity

Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why was the Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan developed?

In accordance with the 2008 Maryland House Bill 905 and Senate Bill 438,  the governing board of each private and public higher education institution in the State of Maryland was required to develop and implement a plan for a program of cultural diversity.  The bills require Boards of Trustees to annually develop and submit a Plan to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) by August 1st


What is the Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan?

In 2009, Montgomery College developed a multi-year Diversity Plan — Our College Roadmap for Ensuring and Sustaining Diversity and Inclusive Excellence.  The Plan identified action-oriented goals and objectives in five key areas:  (1) Policies, Procedures and Practices;  (2) College Climate;  (3) Recruitment and Outreach; ( 4) Supporting Student Success; and  (5) Professional Development.  To view the document,  please click at 2009 MC Diversivery Plan.   


What is the 2013 Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan?

The 2013 Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan is an update of the existing plan.  The Plan will be aligned with the Montgomery College 2020 Plan. 


Who is responsible for updating the 2013 Montgomery College Multi-Year Diversity Plan?


The College Diversity Plan Committee established by the Office of Equity and Diversity.


Who is on the committee?

The committee is comprised of representatives from a broad cross-section of the College’s key stakeholders which includes faculty, staff, administrators, students and members of the Governance Councils.  The members were appointed by each Senior Vice President, each Governance Council and the campus, and Workforce Development and Continuing  Education Vice President/Provosts.  Drs. Clarice Somersall and Eun-Woo Chang are the committee co-chairs.  Please click at the CDP Committee Members to view names of the members.  


What is their role/charge?

The committee is charged with updating the existing plan.  Their role is to identify the College’s diversity preferred future and establish strategic initiatives and actions that are current, relevant, measurable and achievable.


Will the College community have input into the development of the updated plan?

Yes.  The College community’s input will be shared through communication with the appointed committee representatives.


Who approves the plan?


The Montgomery College Board of Trustees approves the plan at its June meeting.


Who do we contact if we have questions and/or comments?


You may contact the co-chairs by sending an email to College Diversity Plan Committee.


Where can we find additional information?


Additional information can be found at the College Diversity Plan Committee website.  


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