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College Diversity Plan Committee

Office of Equity and Diversity


Broadening Our Definition of Diversity (2012)

  By Tori Haring-Smith

Democracy and Diversity: Principles and Concepts for Educating Citizens in a Global Age (PDF)

Developing an Institutional Diversity Plan (PDF) 

Maryland House Bill and Senate Bill 438 Education Article (PDF)

Montgomery College 2012 Performance Accountability Report (PAR) (PDF)

Montgomery County and the DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Demographic Data and Impacts

This link provides access to data from the Montgomery College Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Environmental Scanning Data webpage.  The webpage contains information, data reports and an overview of the demographic and workforce conditions impacting Montgomery County and the DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Diversity Plan

          Carroll Community College: Diversity/World View Strategic Improvement Plan (PDF)

          Cleveland State Community College Diversity Plan 2011-15 (PDF)

          Gadsden State Community College: The Diversity Plan (PDF)

          Howard Community College Diversity Plan (PDF)

          Lane Community College Diversity 2010-2015 (PDF) 

          Sinclair Community College’s Annual Diversity Report (PDF)

          Toward New Destinations (March 2012) (PDF

                 By University Diversity Council, Institutional Diversity Planning, Cornell University

          Walters State Community College 2011-2015 Diversity Plan (PDF)



         Diversity Plans: What Impact Can They Have? 

                 By Debra Humphreys, Editor, Diversity Digest







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