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TEAS Resources and Study Materials


The science section of the TEAS covers:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Life and Physical Science
  • Scientific Reasoning

Before you get started, find a place with minimum or no distractions. The library and academic support centers are great places to study. Don't forget your TEAS, Version 6, study manual, a notebook, pens and/or pencils, highlighters and a timer that you can use to time yourself as you answer practice questions (e.g. stopwatch).

To begin supplementing your science review, click on any item below. When solving practice questions, don't forget to engage in timed practice to improve your speed and test taking skills. 


 Khan Academy                         Science Pic  

   Science Review                                           Science Learning Center 


Supplemental Materials and Resources


Science Review


Earth and Physical Science Review Activities-Germantown Science Learning Center  Interactive Science Questions 
Human Body Science  Review Activities-Rockville Math-Science Learning Center  Science Questions-Jefferson Lab 
Life Science  Review Activities-Takoma Park Science Learning Center 
Scientific Reasoning   










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