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Montgomery College Board of Trustees

Presidents and Trustees Emeriti

It is customary in academic institutions to bestow emeritus status on departing members of the community in recognition of service performed. Prior to adoption of a Board resolution on June 16, 1992, this honor had not been accorded full-term departing members of the Board who had generously given of their time for the benefit of Montgomery College and the community. The College is grateful to each Trustee who will receive this well-deserved recognition.

Presidents Emeriti
Dr. William C. Strasser, 1966-1979
Dr. Robert E. Parilla, 1979-1999
Dr. Charlene R. Nunley 1999-2007
Dr. Hercules Pinkney, Interim President Emeritus, 2009-2010

Trustees Emeriti                                                                                                                                             * = deceased

Clifford K. Beck* (1960--1968) Robert C. Maddox* (1980--1992)
William G. Colman* (1968--1972) Lucille Maurer* (1960--1968)
Mary E. Cothran* (1994--2006) James S. McAuliffe, Jr. (1969--1971)
The Honorable Gene W. Counihan (1997--2009) John W. Neumann* (1975--1978)
Sylvia W. Crowder (1998--2009) Owen D. Nichols (1996--2009)
John W. Diggs* (1985--1995)   Howard R. Penniman* (1971--1980)
Darwin R. Drewyer, Jr.* (1974--1975)  R. David Pittle (1975--1982)
Jerry B. Duvall (1978--1990)    Michael D. Priddy (2011--2017) 
Reginald M. Felton (2007--2015)Joseph A. Reyes (1992--1998)
Yolande W. Ford (1977--1984)    Jean G. Ross* (1969--1979)
William Freienmuth (1966--1968) Charles B. Saunders (1966--1970)
Michael W. Gildea (1990--2002)  Hamid R. Seyedin (1982--1994)
Jong-On Hahm (2002-- 2008) Roberta F. Shulman (1999--2011)
Howard J. Hausman* (1969--1977) The Honorable Michael L. Subin (1983--1986)
Pearl B. Isenberg (1975--1981) Maureen E. Sullivan (1981--1993)
Stephen Z. Kaufman (2001--2013) Robert E. Shoenberg (1995-- 2007)
Lucy S. Keker (1960--1968)
Edward R. Lehman (1989--1997)  
Michael J. Lenaghan (1979--1989)  
Michael C. Lin (2000--2012)
Norman Locksley* (1987--1999)   

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