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Montgomery College Board of Trustees

Public Participation

Public Comments at Board Meetings
Each open session of the Board includes a public comments period in which citizens, group representatives, faculty, staff, or students may make a statement regarding an item on a past or present Board agenda, or any matter relating to the Board's discharge of its educational and financial responsibilities for the College.

A person representing an organization will be allowed five minutes; each person speaking as an individual will be allowed three minutes. A total of 16 minutes are allowed for the “Comments Period.”  This time may be extended for an additional specified period of time by request of the Chair and agreement by two-thirds of Board members present and will be scheduled just before adjournment.

Persons wishing to speak may sign up with the Board of Trustees Office at 240-567-5272 or at the email listed below no less than seven days before the public session. An electronic or hard copy of testimony must be provided to the Board of Trustees at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the public meeting.

Written comments to the Board may be addressed to:
Board of Trustees Office
Montgomery College
900 Hungerford Drive, Suite 315
Rockville, Maryland 20850

E-mail communications to the Board of Trustees should be addressed to:

Public Hearings
The Board of Trustees seeks community recommendations and views in hearings on specific issues, such as the budget.  Announcements of opportunities for public input are made through the local media and on the Board's website.

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