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Human Rights Day drones 2012

Due to the College closure curing Hurricane Sandy, the Germantown event was moved from October 30 to November 13, 2012.

One Maryland, One Book 2012

United Nations Day flyer

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Germantown Campus

Soccer for Peace Day

Soccer Game for Peace

LOCATION:  North Field
Monday, September 24, Noon to 4:00

Students who play get a free Peace Symbol t-shirt!

For the last four years, Germantown has celebrated International Peace Day by having pick-up soccer games in the grassy area between HT and SA. This year, that area is not available due to new building projects. So the grassy knoll area north of the baseball field is a new site, a much larger area to play, but a walk from the flag pole. Therefore, there will be shuttles from the flag pole to near the field.

Due to the large area we will now have, soccer nets have been purchased by the Philip McClean Foundation Fund. For years, Professor McClean taught mathematics on the Germantown Campus.  

The game will be officiated by a professional referee.  Students who play will receive a free Peace Symbol t-shirt.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to play or attend.

The Peace and Justice Studies Community of Germantown wishes to thank Student Life, Facilities, Dr. Rai, and Professor Sally McClean as well as the McClean Foundation for the referee, the outdoor banners, 50 Germantown Peace Symbol t-shirts, and the soccer frames and nets.

Inspired by the "One Day, One Goal" project of soccer games around the world for peace.  Contact:  Professor Sally McClean, English, Germantown, (240) 567-7746.  Printable flyer (.pdf)

David Smith, U.S. Institute of Peace

Thursday, September 27, 9:30 - 10:45
Globe Hall

David Smith, Senior Manager for Educational Outreach of the Global Peacebilding Center in the United States Institute of Peace will speak about peacebuilding in community colleges.  Contact:  Professor Sally McClean, English, Germantown, (240) 567-7746.  

Rockville Campus

Panel Discussion: "Teaching Peace"
Tuesday, September 25th, 11 - 12:15, Theatre Arts


International Peace Day Forgiveness Presentation (PowerPoint)
Tulin Levitas and John Daniel

Faculty members Layla Hashemi, Tulin Levitas, Pat Ruppert, Bill Soderberg, Nathan Zook, student John Daniel, and professor emeritus Mike Eckert will discuss how to infuse peace education into courses by looking at "Teaching Peace: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going, How Do We Get There?"  Free and open to all.  Contact: Professor Pat Ruppert, Philosophy, Rockville (240) 567-5242

David Smith, U.S. Institute of Peace

Thursday, September 27, 12:30 - 1:45
Theatre Arts

David Smith, Senior Manager for Educational Outreach of the Global Peacebilding Center in the United States Institute of Peace will speak about peacebuilding in community colleges.  Free and open to all.  Contact: Professor Pat Ruppert, Philosophy, Rockville (240) 567-5242


Oxfam Girl banquet flier 04242012

Oxfam Hunger Banquets were held on all three campuses, giving participants the opportunity to experience the inequities of food distribution that plague the world. 

At these Hunger Banquets, 15% received a full meal, 35% ate beans and rice, and 50% sat on the floor and ate a small amount of rice and water.  Which meal was received was determined by a random drawing.

An in-depth discussion engaged participants in an exploration of strategies to ease hunger in our own communities and across the world.

Oxfam Boy event flier 05042012

Rockville Campus

Tuesday, April 24, 5 - 6:00 p.m.
Theatre Arts

Takoma Park / Silver Spring Campus

Friday, May 4, 11:30 - 1:00 p.m.
Commons Room 210

Germantown Campus

Friday, May 4, 5:30 - 7 p.m.

Students and family $5 (discounts available),
payable in cash or canned goods, 
and $10 for all others.

The money raised will go to support the work of preschools in southern India so that their students, through education, will be able to eat a decent meal whenever they want. 

The organization that sponsors the preschools is Help Kids India at 

Sponsored by:
MC International Education Department 
and Peace & Justice Studies.

Printable flyer (.pdf file)

Montgomery College’s India Initiative: Focus on Students

The  Oxfam Hunger Banquets are part of the MC-India Initiative: Students Enriching Students that at this time encompasses students and faculty from across all three campuses and many disciplines.  This rapidly growing list of participants includes people from anthropology, art, graphic design, dance, education, English, health sciences, history, natural and applied sciences, philosophy, physics, political science, sociology.

 Montgomery College’s India Initiative: Students Enriching Students grew from the energy of students, faculty and staff who participated in MC’s Study Abroad Program to India this past winter break and is an integral part of MC’s India Initiative.  The desire to stay involved with the children and adults that we met and worked with in the southern town of Kodaikanal translated into this vital component of the India Initiative.  The India Initiative: Students Enriching Students is a way to educate students about India as well as larger international issues and also to get them involved in activities in very hands-on ways that will raise their global awareness.  While doing this we will be contributing to actions that can help alleviate the devastating effects of poverty and discrimination. 

Our service project in Kodaikanal in January 2012 consisted of visiting and working at three preschools (called crèches) that teach Dalit (untouchable) children.  Many in the group became committed to contributing to the education and success of these children by raising awareness and money for the work done by Help Kids India, a non-profit organization that was begun by Indian village women and is partnered with groups in the U.S. 

This organization also installs smokeless stoves and three of our students assisted with the installation of a stove.  Help Kids India also sponsors a health clinic, and operates a program called S.E.W. (Sewing Empowers Women) which teaches women how to sew and then sells the bags and other things they make.  You can read more about the work on their Web site

This organization is especially impressive as it was created by a Dalit woman from a small village who, having been sponsored as a child in her education, has committed herself to educating and empowering the children and women of the area.  The preschools and projects were developed by local people and are excellent examples of grass-roots intelligence and organization making huge impacts with the help of outside funding.

Two major college-wide spring projects developed directly from our work with Help Kids India. The three campus Oxfam Hunger Banquets are being held to raise awareness and money that will be contributed directly to the foundation that runs the preschools in Kodaikanal.  There will also be Earth Day activities on all three campuses to raise awareness of the devastating effects globally of indoor air pollution and to raise money for Help Kids India’s Smokeless Stove project.  In addition to these two college-wide activities, students who did not participate in the Study Abroad Program who have been inspired by the vision of a shared growth have developed other ways to become involved in these international initiatives.  Several of these will involve selling the items made by the women with S.E.W.

MC’s India Initiative:  Students Enriching Students is part of a much larger movement in higher education to increase international education and global awareness, especially across community colleges.  MC’s student initiative has a link to the U.S. State Department’s Web site and this will be formalized and expanded as our student and faculty involvement grows.  Dr. Pollard, when speaking about the India Initiative has said, “Montgomery College’s mission of changing lives and enriching our community does not stop at the borders of our campuses, the county line or our own country.”  The growing involvement of students, faculty, and staff in MC’s India Initiative can enrich our classrooms and our students’ education while providing support for those doing the same almost a half a world away.


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