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Mascot Design Competition

Go RaptorsCreative Brief

The Collegewide Committee on Colors and Mascot consisted of faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and students who worked collaboratively to select colors and mascot concepts to bring to the Montgomery College community for voting. In March 2012, a collegewide vote revealed the Raptors as the new mascot of Montgomery College. 

The new Montgomery College colors and mascot will unify and embody our school spirit. It also will integrate into the College’s brand, helping define and identify our institution for both internal and external communities. The colors and mascot will be displayed in College publications, advertisements, the website, clothing, facilities, and more. 

During its mascot selection process, the Collegewide Committee on Colors and Mascot defined the Montgomery College brand personality as: agile, bold, distinct, diverse, and innovative. The winning mascot design must reflect this personality and incorporate the College’s new colors of purple, black, silver, and white. 

The Raptors mascot refers to bird of prey as well as the shortened name for the carnivorous velociraptor dinosaur. Raptors (eagles, falcons, owls, and hawks) are known for their outstanding vision, crushing talons, and piercing beak. (Veloci)raptors are considered an intelligent dinosaur that used its retractable claw and sharp teeth to hunt.  

Submission Guidelines
  1. Current students, faculty, and staff members, as well as alumni, are eligible to compete in Montgomery College’s mascot design contest.[1] [2]

  2. Multiple submissions are allowed, but each design must be submitted individually.

  3. All design entries must be submitted electronically by e-mail to: Artists will receive a confirmation e-mail. For questions please contact the Office of Communications at 240-567-7970.

  4. All entries must be received by midnight, Friday, April 27, 2012.

  5. All submissions should include the following information in the e-mail:
  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Preferred phone number
  • Position at College (student, faculty, or staff)
  • A 250-word description of their design, which will include an explanation of what inspired the design.

  1. All mascot designs must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Place on white background
  • Fit on one 8.5”x11” page
  • Create as line art or other digital media format
  • Submit in high-resolution, 300 dpi jpg format
  • Develop and submit a graphic representation of a family-friendly character
  • Utilize Montgomery College’s new colors—purple, black, silver, and white

  1. By submitting artwork to this design contest, you warrant and represent that the artwork is original to you, that you hold exclusive and perpetual rights to all intellectual property rights in the work and that you have the right to grant all intellectual property rights in the work to Montgomery College. Further, you represent and warrant that the design that you submit is an original work that is not, to your knowledge, confusingly similar or substantially similar to any existing design.

The mascot design challenge begins March 26, 2012, and runs through April 27, 2012. All design entries submitted after midnight, April 27, 2012, will be disqualified. All design entries that do not follow the mascot design guidelines and/or are incomplete will be disqualified. Artists may not post their designs on public websites or use in their portfolios until an official winner is selected and announced. After the announcement, all artists should label their artwork as a contest entry or sample.

Artists who do not meet these requirements will be disqualified. Decisions of Montgomery College are final. The winning design shall become the exclusive and perpetual property of Montgomery College; by submitting the design entry, the artist agrees to this assignment of all rights to Montgomery College in the event that the artist’s submission is determined to be the winner. Furthermore, the College reserves the right to alter and to create derivative works from the design entry.


All submissions will undergo a blind review—without name or position—by the College Office of Communications in round one. The top finalists that best embody the spirit of Montgomery College will move on to round two. In round two, a committee of students, faculty, staff, and administrators will provide feedback to the Office of Communications to aid in the selection of at least three finalists to move on to round three. In round three, a panel of judges, representing the offices of the president, senior vice president for student services, communications, alumni, athletics, and student life, as well as faculty, staff, and students will select the winning design.

Submissions will be judged on creativity and artistic quality, as well as how well they represent the College and encourage school spirit. Montgomery College shall have the sole discretion to select the winning design based on this and other criteria that it feels, in its sole discretion, appropriate. 

Montgomery College may replace the first-selected design with an alternate design if it determines, after first-selection, that the alternate design is, in Montgomery College’s sole discretion, more appropriate.    

The decision of the judges is final. The winning design becomes the property of Montgomery College, as stated above.

Winning Design

The winner will be announced in May 2012. UPDATE: The review process has taken more time than originally anticipated. Therefore, the winning design will be announced by January 2013.

The artist with the winning design will be initially credited for their work on the College website, as well as various communications channels used by Montgomery College such as Facebook.  Not all uses of the design by the College will carry attribution.

Upon notification of the winning design, the selected artist will be invited to work collaboratively with the Office of Communications to refine the design and prepare it for use in publications, the website, and other communications channels. The winning design, as it may be altered, also becomes the exclusive and perpetual property of Montgomery College.


The winning design will be proudly displayed throughout Montgomery College—from the website to clothing worn by students. It will encourage the entire College community to share their school spirit! The winner will receive spirit wear that incorporates the design, in such amount as may be determined in the sole discretion of the College.

In addition, a monetary award in such amount as may be determined in the sole discretion of the College will be provided to the winner. The winner may be required to complete state and federal tax documents, and the prize may be reported to federal and state tax authorities via a 1099 informational return or a W-2 employee earning statement or similar reports.

As a condition of receipt of a prize, the winning artist may be required to submit additional information to the College and agree to responsibility for any taxes that may be due; portions of the prize may be subject to withholding requirements.

[1] Employees in the Office of Communications cannot participate in the contest.


[2] Employees cannot work on contest entries during the workday. Entries must be created after work hours.

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