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Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics

Compliance Advisory Committee

Purpose of Compliance Advisory Committee:

  • Advise and coordinate compliance activities and requirements;
  • Share and enhance compliance knowledge;
  • Facilitate coordination and communication between the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics and the College departments;
  • Review current compliance risks and advise on future emerging risks; and,
  • Identify needs for compliance training and awareness building.



Monica Brown, Student Affairs

Stephen Cain, Chief of Staff/Chief Strategy Officer

Earnest Cartledge, Admissions and Enrollment

Carmen D'Agostino, Center for Professional and Organizational Development

Tim Dietz, General Counsel

Vicki Duggan, Convener

Gale Erskine, Business Services

Patrick Feehan, IT Compliance

Tarlouh Gasque, Student Affairs/Athletics

Cathy Giovannetti, WDCE

Ray Gilmer, Communications Advancement and Community Engagement/Communications

Liz Greaney, Business Services

Melissa Gregory, Student Affairs

Shawn Harrison, Public Safety & Emergency Management

Patrick Johnson, Procurement

Robert Lynch, Institutional Research

Susan Madden, Government Relations

Julie Martorana, Compliance, Risk and Ethics 

Sokol Mato, Follett Bookstore

Jane-Ellen Miller, IT

Marvin Mills, Facilities and Security

Michael Mills, eLearning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence   

Christopher Moy, ADA Compliance and Title IX Coordinator

Nancy Nuell, Advancement and Community Engagement

Heather Pratt, Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management

DeRionne Pollard, President

Robert Roop, Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management

Sanjay Rai, Academic Affairs

Kristen Roe, Youth Protection 

Donna Schena, Administrative and Fiscal Services

David Sears, Advancement and Community Engagement

Clemmie Solomon, Student Development

Krista Walker, Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management

Janet Wormack, Administrative and Fiscal Services

Tanner Wray, Library and Information Services

Meeting Frequency:

Meets twice a year; once in the fall and spring semesters. 


Information provided by the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics does not constitute privileged legal advice.

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