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Office of Compliance, Risk and Ethics


It has become increasingly critical for institutions to assure higher levels of compliancy with the increasing number of regulations affecting higher education. To ensure Montgomery College adheres to compliance at the county, state, and federal levels, President DeRionne Pollard created the Office of Compliance, which reports directly to her, to encourage and promote ethical conduct and commitment to compliance with the law. The coordination of the College's compliance efforts is the responsibility of the Office of Compliance, Risk and Ethics.

The Office of Compliance, Risk and Ethics is responsible for overseeing, monitoring and coordinating compliance matters for the College, including applicable county, state, and federal laws, regulations, and other requirements. The office will facilitate communication and education efforts to ensure that the College community is aware and informed of pertinent laws and regulations. The Compliance Office also directs and advises College employees, as well as monitors the implementation of adequate internal controls and quality assurance processes to consistently meet requirements of the laws and regulations.

The efforts of the Office of Compliance, Risk and Ethics include:

  • elucidating laws and regulations;
  • analyzing processes for practical implementation;
  • establishing best practices;
  • recommending, as necessary, changes to College policy and procedures;
  • tracking and reporting the College's responses to risks and areas of concern; and
  • implementing corrective action plans for the resolution of compliance vulnerability and risk, and providing general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future. 

The responsibility of maintaining compliance is not the sole responsibility of this office; compliance is the responsibility of specific individuals and units. All members of the College community must conduct themselves ethically and in compliance with any and all laws and regulations that apply to their activities.

The offices and personnel assigned direct compliance responsibilities are accountable for:

  • monitoring requirements specific to each office;
  • designing and implementing effective and efficient internal controls, policies, and procedures to assure compliance;
  • providing awareness and training programs specific to their area; and
  • monitoring and measuring transactions and processes to report the degree of compliance.

Our shared goal is to achieve and maintain 100 percent compliance by working collaboratively with College units, as well as external agencies.

Information provided by the Office of Compliance, Risk and Ethics does not constitute privileged legal advice.

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