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Ways that Faculty can advise students to save money and be supportive environmental sustainability_1
Welcome to Printing Tips for Faculty


Ways that Faculty can advise and
encourage students to save money and
be supportive of environmental sustainability - Page 1

1. Encourage students to read information online. Digital materials are searchable, annotatable, and portable.

2. Encourage duplex, multiple pages per sheet and selection printing.

3. Encourage students to use a program's print preview option to select the specific pages they need to print.

4. To utilize less workspace or blank space on pages, encourage students to change margins from 1.25 in to .75 in.

5. Encourage students to use smaller fonts to ensure more words can fit on a page.

6.  If students have a group project which requires a printout, have one student email the rest of the group with the file attached to it. Then the students can divide the sections and each print a section only to submit for grading.


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