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3.6 Assign an Alias

An alias is an "easy-to-remember" URL.  For example, the alias for the WD&CE home page is, which is a lot easier to remember than the full URL:

All aliases created in the CMS begin with the domain name

You may manually assign an alias to your home page only or to every "page" in your site.  If you decide to assign an alias to every page in your site, it is best to use a standard naming convention, in most cases.  For example, all the WD&CE aliases start with /wdce/ after the domain name, followed by a unique, descriptive word.

To manually assign an alias, follow these steps:

  1. Open the content block in Edit mode
  2. Click the Alias tab
    Alias tab
  3. Type an alias in the Primary Alias Name filed
  4. Select the ending for the alias (choose either ".html" or "/")
    Alias ending

  5. Publish the content block



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