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8.5  Add a Footer

See the WD&CE site for an example footer.  The footer appears at the bottom of every page in a site.  You can customize the content of the footer.   Footer Example

To add a footer, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a new content block to your site's root folder in the CMS.
  2. Title the content block "Custom Footer."
  3. Add the desired footer content using the editor (or code view).

  4. Publish the content block.  The screenshot below shows how the content block is stored within the site's root folder.
    Footer - file in CMS

Now, the footer will append to the bottom of all content within your site.

PLEASE NOTE:  This feature does not currently work with the following templates: alt.aspx and altsub1.aspx; department4.aspx and department4sub1.aspx. 
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