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SOS Recognition Awards -  What are they?

SOS Recognition Award Nomination Form 

SOS Recipients 

Why SOS Recognition Awards?

Do you sometimes wish that you could recognize and reward a colleague for a job well done?

Well, the SOS Committee has created a way for you to do that.  Everyone deserves a pat on the back and our nomination form and the reward trinkets are just the way to let our MC community know that their excellence is appreciated.

The SOS Recognition Award is a way for you to recognize and appreciate peer employees who provide exceptional service, outreach, and support to the internal Montgomery College community. It is the day-to-day interactions that are made exceptional by these employees who honor and live the College’s mission, vision, and core values and produce a positive effect on the work of others within the College. This is a way to say “thank you” and acknowledge the extra effort, courteous attitude, responsiveness, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, innovation, flexibility, accuracy, and quality service experience. (  SOS Service Creed -PDF - 119 KB)


What are the criteria for nominations?

Nominations can be for the following: 

Service:     Maintains a professional and courteous attitude at all times
Service:     Exceeds expectations
Outreach:  Makes a positive difference
Outreach:   Inspires, recognizes and celebrates service excellence
Support:     Fosters creativity and innovation
Support:     Is a team player and has fun



Nominators may submit only one nomination for the same individual per month.

However, there is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit for multiple people in any given month. (In other words, you may submit a nomination for six different people in one month, but you cannot submit 6 nominations for the same individual in one month.) 

Disclaimer: Due to market saturation of trinkets, no more than 25 of each type of trinket will be awarded per month.

What will the SOS Recognition Awardees Receive?

The SOS Recognition Awardees will receive one of the trinkets shown above in the life preserver and a certificate.

When and Where will the SOS Recognition Awardees be announced?

The SOS Committee will award Recognitions once a month.  The awardees will be announced on a regular basis in InsideMC Online. 

Question, Comments, Suggestions?  Please e-mail the SOS committee.                                                                                                                    

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